Akhmetov channel Ukrayina details law on vetting of officials



2014/10/09 • Political News

Article by: Peter Dutczyn

The president has signed the law on vetting on the last possible day, Ukrayina TV reported on 9 October at 7pm Kyiv time. The document passed by Parliament back on 16 September defines the criteria for the cleansing of authorities. The law gives the Cabinet three months to fine-tune the vetting procedure and another year to implement it.

Some officials may lose their seats as fast as today. At least, the prosecutor-general promised that once the law came into force, he would lay off around 100 staff, and the justice minister announced a large package of personnel decisions regarding the Cabinet of Ministers.

The report said that the heads of government agencies who held office during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, officials of all levels who have not left their posts during the Euro-Maydan protest movement in November 2013-February 2014, and law enforcers involved in crackdowns on protesters are from now on barred from holding government posts. The black list also includes the heads of the Communist authorities in the Soviet periiod, people from the list of corrupt persons and KGB agents.
Those accused of falsifying the 2004 presidential election and the 2012 presidential election will not be able to pass the check either.

The law, however, does not apply to MPs.

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  • http://support-ukrainian-independence.rallycongress.com/ gleng2

    Shouldn’t the law apply to MP’s too?

    • Rods

      Unfortunately, It can’t if you are going to have transparent democracy.

      However, they should lose their immunity from prosecution. In the UK the only immunity is from slander and liable when in the debating chamber, there is no need for any more than this. The current Ukrainian system leads to widespread abuses in all sorts of areas, where Deputies should be accountable and lose their position in the Rada if a Deputy is found guilty of any serious offences.

      • Donald Casavant

        Rods I totally agree with you! Until every citizen of Ukraine, from President to retired Babushka, is held accountable to the same laws there will be problems.