Donetsk terrorists tie presumed Ukrainian volunteer fighter to lamp-post



2014/10/07 • War in the Donbas

Militants have tied a man to a lamp-post in the town of Zuhres in Donetsk Region, the Ukrayinska Pravda website reported on 7 October.

Reports about the incident were posted by separatists on their accounts in social media, the Ukrainian internet-based television channel Hromadske TV reported.
The man was tied to the pole at the intersection near the community centre in the Zuhres-2 neighbourhood at around 08:00 on 7 October].

He was called an “executioner”. The militants said that the detainee was a volunteer from the Donbass battalion, currently fighting pro-Russian ‘militants’ in eastern Ukraine, by the nickname of Zuhres.


“We got him at his house when he came for the weekend to rest and to heal his leg, which was injured in fighting outside Ilovaysk,” postings on separatists’ message boards read.

The “Republic of Novorossiya” youtube channel published a video of the atrocity:

Fighters from the pro-Russia Vostok battalion in Donetsk tied a woman to a lamp-post several weeks ago, accusing her of acting as a Ukrainian forces’ gun-layer during artillery shelling of Donetsk‬.

Translated by: Peter Dutczyn

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  • sandy miller

    What kind of shameless creatures are these people? I can’t believe they’re Ukrainians doing this to other Ukrainians. They sound like those nuts from ISIS. Why aren’t the on-lookers letting him go?

  • Randall Cook

    BUT they are RuSSians. Katsapi. Koloradi. Vatniki, NOT Ukrainians doing these atrocities.

  • LorCanada

    “Man’s inhumanity to man.” Seems the Russians feel more important when they can snare a victim to torture. They are despicable thugs to do that.