‪Ukraine‬ plans to overhaul aircraft fleet by end of 2014, is buying precision weapons



2014/10/04 • Military analysis

The Ukrainian‬ Armed Forces will overhaul their aircraft fleet. By the end of the year, the military will have received 28 aircraft, three helicopters and 43 engines costing UAH 426mn (around $ 32mn), the press service of the Defence Ministry has told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency said at 15:38 Kyiv tijme.

“The Defence Ministry has already taken delivery of eight aircraft and 13 aircraft engines from the aviation repair plants,” the ministry said.
There are also plans to receive another 20 aircraft (17 warplanes and three helicopters) by the end of 2014 as well as 30 aircraft engines.

The overall price of the order for repair of the aircraft is UAH 426.08mn.

The Ukrainian‬ Armed Forces are also getting precision weapons, automated command and control systems and communications systems, Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey has said, Interfax-Ukraine reported today at 17:07 Kyiv time.

“In the near future we need to re-equip our Armed Forces,” Heletey told journalists while visiting defence enterprises in Zaporizhzhia. “We have already purchased a lot of precision weapons and the equipment we did not have before, including automated command and control systems, communications systems and many other things we lacked before.”

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  • Paul P. Valtos

    Well the Ukrainians are doing well. If we could sell them (like Lend Lease to Russia) those excess A-10’s they could devastate the Russian infantry and send more Russian kids back to their mothers to get the average Russian on the street the message. The more Russian troops killed the quicker this tragedy will end.

    • Novorrossiya

      Don’t forget to send american tanks too. Without tanks the air bases could be overrun by russian tanks in one week.

      • Murf

        Sorry they can operate from a short stretch of highway if needed. I love watching footage of the A-10s 30mm cannon through and throughing a Russian tank. I laugh so hard I can’t breath.

        • Novorrossiya

          Conidence in air power is the delusional escape of countries who can`t stand the suffering and horror of real, close warfighting. Vietnam again.

          • Murf

            You don’t want to use your air power in a war?
            Be my guest, it will make things easier.
            You might want to ask the Kurds how they like having US air power at their disposal.
            Or the Taliban how much fun a drone strike is.
            Or Saddam’s army in 91 and 03.
            Or Vietnam what they think of a B-52 Arc light strikes (60k tons of non stop rock. from just one.)

          • PoeTentiate

            Nearly every close support aircraft got shot down, so in the current environment missiles are more cost effective.

          • Murf

            The A-10 is built tougher than a Su-25
            As an example the engines are on nacelles so they are far away from the fuel tanks. If the engine is hit the tanks won’t explode. which is the main reason planes go down. the control surfaces have three hydraulic systems and one manual back up. they have lost half of one wing and still came back. the pilot is surrounded by a 1200 Lbs titanium bath tube. the Warthog has taken a lot more fire than a MANPED. and survived.

    • Jacob Schønberg

      USA do not supply any form of weapon to Ukraine! Even bullet vests and googles are banned. USA could give some of the 300 A10s , but now some are used in Iraq and Syria , and I Think US will keep them! I am sad USA wont give as much weapons as the Russians give to the separatists! It should be much more expensive for Putin to annex Donbass and the land on Azov see. Some experts think Putin still want to attack and occupy.

      • rokbrigade

        “USA do not supply any form of weapon to Ukraine.” Just like Russian troops are not in eastern Ukraine. I can damn well guarantee you that the USA, along with several other NATO countries have been supplying Ukraine with LETHAL weaponry. And when Excercise Rapid Trident ended about a week ago, they left the equipment there for the Ukrainian military. Russia will find out that US weaponry is in the Ukrainian arsenal when a JAVELIN takes out a column of T-72’s. OHRAH!!!!!

        • Jacob Schønberg

          1 javelin can kill 1 tank only. The small Nato exercice didnt leave anything. That is not how it works! Ukraine make some deals with individual countries for some equipment. But for Ukraine it is a prooblem to pay for it! Ukraine need to meet the contract for getting help from IMF

    • danram

      That would require a president with a spine, which we, unfortunately, don’t have at the moment.

    • Strodensky

      Bring them A-10s in ! It’ll be a turkey shoot for the Russian surface-to-air-missile batteries :)

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    Salute Ukraine…

  • Murf

    Hopefully this will include Electronic Counter Measures and radar homing missiles.
    That would be a serious game changer.

    • PoeTentiate

      Interesting that they are probably buying a lot of this stuff from their own factories.