Russian official fighting in Donetsk admits locals refuse to collaborate, 90% of unit are Russians and “defending Slavs”



2014/10/03 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Mat Babiak

Locals are refusing to collaborate with Russian forces as they storm the Donetsk airport, says Communist Party member Alexander Negrabetskikh – a city council deputy and Chechen War veteran from the Russian city of Zlatoustcurrently operating in a terrorist “volunteer” cell in Donetsk.

Negrabetskikh with other soldiers

Negrabetskikh with other soldiers

Now in Ukraine, he is part of a unit involved in storming the Donetsk airport – 90% of which are Russian, half being Siberian and half from the Urals; with the remainder being self-identified Russians from Donetsk. In whole he says 7,500 men are involved in the current battle, which he says would be better handled with smaller, specialist groups. He admits his unit suffered heavy losses while attacking Ukrainian forces defending the airport on Wednesday, saying his men came under heavy shelling.

Negrabetskikh says he is fighting in Ukraine because he is a “Russian patriot” and defending racial Slavs. “I’ll be there to protect brother Slavs and Russian land from the Nazis,” he explained. “If we do not, then sooner or later this fascist abscess would come to us.”

He claims that Ukraine’s forces are replete “Poles and Germans,” a conspiracy which Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed. Russian media has loudly implicated Poland in other conspiracies on national television.

The reason for his unit being almost entirely foreign with little actual Donetsk citizens is that support for the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) is low, he concedes, a sentiment previously echoed by Russian terrorist leader Igor Girkin. In Negrabetskikh’s words, he was shocked at how few locals would collaborate with Russians to “protect” their land, or in other words, join the DNR. “They go to Russia, and we come here!” he exclaimed.

Ultimately, many he talked to simply care about pensions, not allegiances. Ukraine’s government has stated that public sector salaries and pensions will not be disbursed in occupied territory, while DNR officials have said salaries and pensions are being paid on time, without indicating where the vast funding was coming from.

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  • Kruton

    Kill the Bolshevik nut jobs!

  • Jacks Channel

    “Negrabetskikh says he is fighting in Ukraine because he is a “Russian patriot” and defending racial Slavs. “I’ll be there to protect brother Slavs and Russian land from the Nazis,” he explained. “If we do not, then sooner or later this fascist abscess would come to us.”
    Okay, where are these Nazis again? And this Russian land he talked about. Is he talking about the land was never Russian until it was taken by force from the people that lived there?

  • Brent

    These delusional katsaps just do not understand reality
    >they are not wanted in Donbass by the majority of the residents
    >very few residents of Donbass residents will join them to fight for Putin’s fictional “Novorossiya”
    >the only fascist Nazi’s they will find in Ukraine have been sent there by Russia
    >their repatriation to Mother Russia will likely be delayed by a stay at the bottom of an abandoned coal mine before their decomposing body is sent back in a zinc coffin in a future Convoy 200

  • Dirk Smith

    Further proof muscovites are a gene away from monkeys.

    • Novorrossiya

      Blacks look much more like monkeys than muscovites. Call Obama and tell him.

  • Bu Buccaneer

    And yet a single foreigner in Ukrainian ranks is enough for Russia to be mentioned by (the bitch lying through his teeth) Lavrov.

  • LorCanada

    This article describes what was said by a local, see this in translation:
    Resident of Donetsk to the separatist leader Gubaryov (a Nazi of the “Russian National Unity”):

    Mr. Gubaryov, allow me a question. I’m real Donezkerin, lived here 60 years. Maybe now I can not live here anymore after this question … I want to ask you a question: With whom I have spoken, relatives, neighbors, nobody has insulted us. I spoke Russian here your whole life. Nobody ever followed, I worked … Do you understand? I do not see this “fascists”, “Bandera-trailer”, “nationalists”. Where are they? Show me one who has suffered here in peacetime under “Bandera supporters” or the “rights industry”! To whom will you please defend us? Our main concern here is poverty, you shall defend us from poverty, not before “fascists”! “

  • Michel Cloarec

    Yesterday at Lenin square we celebrated the first anniversary-half a year of our independence.