Ukrainian defence minister: Russia testing new weapons in Donbas



2014/10/02 • War in the Donbas

Russia‬ is using Ukraine‬ as a training ground to test new weapons, Ukrainian Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey has said, 5 Kanal TV reported at 5pm Kyiv time.

He showed modern Russian ammunition capable of piercing armour. Ukrainian intelligence officers had got hold of these bullets in Donbass.
Heletey stressed that, after the ammunition was examined, Ukraine would appeal to international courts to provide an assessment of Russia testing its weapons in Ukraine. He said that these specimens would serve as evidence in future criminal proceedings against the Russian leadership.

Heletey said: “We will make an assessment and appeal to relevant courts regarding the reasons why Russia is testing weapons on Ukraine’s territory, and what kind of weapons. Believe me, there are lots of questions to be answered. There are many people speculating about this subject. But there will be time not only for Ukraine but for the entire world to see what Russia has done to Donbas‬ and Luhansk oblasts.”

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  • Dirk Smith

    The KGB dwarf’s appointment is set at the Hague.

    • catonine

      I sure hope he will get his turn at the Hague. He has already gone far beyond Milosevic in his murderous adventures in the Donbas.

      • Arctic_Slicer

        That’s just his latest adventure. We should also add his adventure in Georgia to the list as well as the 2nd Chechen war.

        • Dirk Smith

          Not to mention his political assassinations (attempted and succeeded) of Litvinenko, Yushchenko, and the Polish government.