Russian journalists film terrorists shelling Ukrainian troops from residential buldings during “ceasefire”



2014/10/02 • War in the Donbas

The state-owned and largest Russian TV channel has filmed how terrorists shell the Donetsk airport from an apartment house from an automatic grenade launcher despite the announced ceasefire. In doing this, the terrorists blame the Ukrainian army in shelling the residential sector. The Russian journalist claims that the house is being shelled by Grad missile system, while from the sound one can easily identify that the house is not being shelled but it is Grad missile system is firing from near the house.

The Russian journalist acknowledges that they are placing the lives of the civilians still living in the building under danger and explains that terrorists must change their position as Ukrainian forces may return the fire.

This report is rock hard evidence that terrorists strictly follow the instruction of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, given on March 4, 2014: “Let the Ukrainian military shoot at their own people, behind whose backs we stand, not in front but behind!”


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  • Adrian Rrllc

    This should be showed around the world… a classic.

  • Gene Chaas

    It may sound racist or jingoistic, but many of us in the West view “lies” as part of the Russian genetic makeup. Unfortunately it is borne from observations of actions on an individual level, which is easily extrapolated to the collective.

    • TheBlogFodder

      Not Russian per se but lies were stock in trade of the Communist regime and since we are still dealing with the same people, we can expect the same lies from the same liars. I have not read any history to suggest that the Tsarist regime used lies at any greater rate than normal Foreign Affairs of any country.