Unusual Israeli-Russian rapprochement

Netanjahu and Putin


2014/09/30 • News

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu take part in a joint news conference in Moscow's Kremlin, Nov. 20, 2013 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/04/israel-russia-strategic-ties-ukraine.html##ixzz3EnYuQbuF

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu take part in a joint news conference in Moscow’s Kremlin, Nov. 20, 2013

Tel Aviv is radically expanding its good relationship with Moscow. Israel suspended military-technical cooperation with Ukraine – as with Georgia in 2008, when the Russian-Georgian conflict escalated – and revived trade with Moscow. The Israelis explain that they do not aspire to take the role of arbitrator in the  Russian-Ukrainian dispute, and the Jewish state will not serve as an instrument of anti-Russian policy for the United States.

Visa-free travel between Israel and Russia continues to exist. More than a million Russian Jews are living in Israel, and thousands of Israelis are working in Russia. Half of the Israeli government and many members of the Knesset speak Russian. Russian language is also used in the Israeli high-tech industry, academics  and military as well.

Trade turnover between the two countries this year increased to the amount of just over three billion U.S. dollars. The import of fruit and vegetables from Israel has increased threefold. Russia, unlike the EU, does not restrict the import of agricultural products from Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights. Russia and Israel also want to engage in closer technological cooperation, especially in the military sector.

Politicians in both countries have strong personal ties. Accordingly, Israeli leaders may have a much better relationship with the President of Russia than with the American administration. Prime Minister Netanyahu receives a  warmer welcome in Russia than in the U.S.

At the international level, Israel is trying to remain neutral in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Israel’s delegation did not participate in the U.N. vote regarding the resolution on Ukraine prepared by the Americans.


Translated by: Rafael Szlom
Edited by: Lisa Spencer
Source: PCh24.pl

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  • Espinassons

    How to keep a good opinion of Jewishes ??

  • Jackie Bugdale

    well we don’t have to support Israel at all either. it goes both ways. time will tell all.

  • Jackie Bugdale

    however they are on their own and have to defend themselves so this is survival.

  • jimhenley

    There is never any excuse for antisemitism…however they is plenty of room for anti-Netanyahuism! He is like Putin …might makes right….

  • PoeTentiate

    Well, there you go then.

  • Michael Borys

    I used to sympathize with Israel regarding the tensions with
    their neighbors and indiscriminate bombing by them. They openly say they want
    to protect their country and way of life. Now to hear that they will not help
    Ukraine, as they too are protecting their country, and loved ones from Russian
    aggression. Israel for the sake of trade agreements is ignoring countries (Ukraine,
    Georgia) with the same ideology of self preservation. While not being caught up
    with emotion I can say any that any incursions with Hamas will no longer have
    my sympathies.

  • Danny Smith

    so there you go Israel more of the Russian world ruled by putin

  • Rascalndear

    I’m not sure I trust this article as it is not based on actual events or recent statements, and there is no source for the information. :(

  • albertphd

    Of course, Israel does not wish to upset the military apple-cart with Russia as Russia is Israel’s #1 customer: massive arms sales are continually being SOLD full-swing, with China a close second. As is common knowledge to Arms Dealers–in the production of LETHAL military weapons, Israel is one of the top specialists in the world!

    What a pity that Israel has chosen sides–to support Russia, and to refuse to support Ukraine in this already one-sided military show-down. It appears that History will repeat itself in Ukraine in the ethnic cleansing that occurred under Milosovic in the 1990s between Serbia and the Croatia (in which no country was willing to give any LETHAL military weapons to Croatia while their people were being literally slaughtered by the Serbs!). The EU, NATO, the UN, the USA, and now Israel all refuse to supply LETHAL weapons to assist Ukraine to defend itself against OPEN Russian aggression.

    Nothing in East Ukraine is now being done in secret. Only those who choose not to see can deny the painfully obvious: that this Winter will be more than ‘a winter of discontent’, it may be the end of Ukraine as an Independent Sovereign State?! (Putin would gladly conscript Ukrainian boys and girls, men and women from mainland Ukraine into his Russian Regime to fight against the rest of Europe as he now plans to conscript Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea?! This action would clearly become Putin’s next move should Ukraine be forced to capitulate?!).

    Other than a return to rebuilding it’s nuclear arsenal (as a Plan B for self-preservation), the only other alternative that I can think of at this time is for Ukraine to streamline its business relationship with China. Not only does China have economic issues currently (and a few political issues in Hong Kong) but there is continual starvation among the poor of China since 2008 (which I saw with my own eyes!). Easily 1,000,000 people die each year in China (on average) from lack of food (the Chinese Diaspora tell me), but neither the Government, nor the Chinese people themselves, seem to have a solution to the problem. [This dark secret which China continues to hide from the rest of the world is apparently a tighter kept secret than infanticide which still continues today in China due to severe population restriction regulations.]

    Perhaps if Ukraine (the third largest grain-producer in the world!) were to negotiate an exclusive Trade Agreement with China to trade Chinese LETHAL military weapons for Ukrainian grain, both countries can solve their difficulties?! Neither the EU, nor NATO, nor the USA, nor even Russia can say anything to China should China choose to trade LETHAL military weapons with Ukraine (to feed its own people). [When President Obama became President in November 2008, the loan agreement he had with China for 750+ billion dollars included a clause that the USA had to give all its reserve grain to China–as China was and still is invariably short of food supplies for all it’s people!]

    For what it’s worth, I do not think that Ukraine should honor any sort of policy decision by the EU to not buy LETHAL military weapons from other countries. NATO has already stated that although they cannot allow LETHAL arms sales between themselves (as an Organization) and Ukraine, if any individual member of NATO wishes to voluntarily sell arms to Ukraine, it could do so. If France, for example, was even willing (until very recently?!) to sell billions of dollars worth of war ships to Russia (an opponent to the EU), why in the name of all that is rational and logical should Ukraine be restricted from buying LETHAL military weapons from China?!

    From the Chinese point of view, China could care less what the USA, NATO, EU or even Russia say regarding this potentially lucrative Trade Agreement with Ukraine! –And who knows (some of) the Chinese people may perhaps (for the first time in years!) not need to starve this Winter, after all?!

  • Lubomyr Luciuk

    Given Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Israel’s mollycoddling of Moscow is immoral. For shame.

  • Murf

    Selling the Russians Tech we gave them.
    That’s what I call ironic.

  • Sundra Tanakoh

    Maybe the damn Islamics will take out that crap on Russia instead of the US that is finally tired of standing by Israel only to end up making more enemies that Israel is worth. ISIS….Putin is your new target, go get ’em tigers!