Russians among ISIS terrorists



2014/09/29 • Russia

Article by: Olexandr Romanenko

“They are international terrorists”

Moscow, September 29 (Novy Region, Olexandr Romchenko) – The Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry acknowledged that the terrorist organization Islamic State includes Russians.

This was stated by the deputy head of the Russian MFA Mikhail Bogdanov, when commenting on the results of the ‘Ministry Week’ of the UN General Assembly Session 69 which ended yesterday. The main topic of the event was the fight against heightened activity of terrorist groups in the Near East, in particular, the most powerful of all, the Islamic State.

“The Americans say that terrorism poses a direct threat to their national security. I think the same can be said by any country, including Russia. The terrorist organizations, ISIL in particular, include Russian citizens,” Bogdanov acknowledged. “We are essentially dealing with international terrorism.”

According to him, people from 70 or 80 world countries are fighting in Iraq and Syria, in particular, there are several dozen Russians among them, according to the statement made by the Russian MFA representative.

Bogdanov noted that the presence of Europeans among the terrorists is particularly worrisome, which can easily cross borders of western states using their passports.

“Everyone is concerned that these people go there and come back from there. They receive training there, skills, and therefore pose an unprecedented threat to the national security of their countries. They have  passports, in particular, of western states, which allows them to move around the world without visas and additional checks. It is very dangerous,” Bogdanov emphasized, calling for his western partners to unite their efforts in fighting the terrorists in the Near East.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: NR2

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  • xyz

    Russians or Russian citizens? Because I think that the ones who joined are islamists from Chechnya or Dagestan, not ethinc Russians.
    Russia supports Assad.

    • Brent

      So when it comes to terrorists that could come back to bite Russia, there is a differentiation between “ethnic Russians” and “Russian citizens”??? Considering the Kremlin has no problem muddying the waters in Ukraine falsely declaring they need to protect “Russian speakers” as a reason to illegally invade a sovereign country, isn’t this now hypocritical when
      1) ethnic Russians were under no threat from Ukrainians when Russia invaded Crimea and Donbass
      2) only 17% of the entire population of Ukraine is ethnically Russian, and even in the Donbass the population is 58% ethnically Ukrainian.

      Russia supports the terrorists in the Donbass, and even was complicit in their recruitment, training, support and movement of the terrorists across the border into Ukraine. If the ‘non-ethnic’ Russian terrorists currently in the Middle East come back to Russian territory, that will be spelled K-A-R-M-A.

  • sandy miller

    Oh those phoney peacemaking Russians. What hypocrite’s as they terrorize Ukraine but I guess that’s OK because Russia is special and should be allowed to get away with murder and stealing other countries lands and resources. How are they any better than ISIS?