Maria Lewytzkyj: Putin’s percolating misogyny oppresses Russian and Ukrainian women



2014/09/29 • Analysis & Opinion, Archive

Article by: Maria Lewytzkyj with Lys Anzia

Putin oppresses women in Russia and Ukraine:

Prime time Russian NTV’s show “The Furies of Maidan: Sex, Psychosis and Politics” depicts a Ukraine that has regressed into an inferno of gyrating females, thus representing the attitude that Putin and his supporters have toward women and actively discrediting female Maidan leaders.  Putin’s misogyny percolates throughout an administration and government-sponsored media that display him as the protector of traditional values, keeping women subservient.

You can read the article here:  Ukrainian-American author Maria Lewytzkyj opens our eyes toward Russia & Ukraine

Edited by: Lisa Spencer
Source: Women News Network

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  • LorCanada

    You know, that seems to be precisely what is needed inside Russia these days – the human touch of compassion and caring – a woman’s touch that rounds off the square and brittle attitudes of male leaders. Putin and his threat of nukes can fade into a non-essential role. Russia needs humanizing.