Half of Russians want to send Ukrainian refugees back



2014/09/29 • Russia

Article by: Olga Meshcheriakova

Moscow, September 29 (Novy Region, Olga Meshcheriakova) – Sociologists report that within several months the opinion of the respondents regarding the policies of the Russian government on Ukrainian refugees has changed.

According to a survey by VTsIOM conducted on September 20-21 in 130 Russian localities among 1600 respondents, the number of Russians who stand for providing for the immigrants from Ukraine with all things necessary and creating good living conditions for them has decreased (40% as opposed to 50% in July).

45% of the respondents (39% in July) claim the refugees should be sent back to Ukraine, as soon as the conditions are favorable. Another 7% want to stop accepting refugees on Russian territory and send back those who have already arrived as soon as possible.

53% of Russians support the idea of a simplified citizenship procedure for Ukrainian refugees. For the most part they are respondents who do not note the presence of refugees in their town/village (66%) and those who think that there are many (41%). One-third of the respondents are again the idea (36%), first and foremost those who note a significant influx of refugees in their region (48%).

Two-thirds of respondents report that their locality has refugees from Ukraine (67%). This response is most frequently given by residents in big cities (52%).

One out of five (18%) thinks that there are no immigrants from Ukraine in their locality (43% villagers and 2% Moscow and Petersburg citizens).

The majority of respondents (67%) are convinced that Russia lends all possible assistance to the Ukrainian refugees today. Meanwhile, one out of four (24%) thinks that the work in this direction is excessively active. First and foremost, this opinion is characteristic of respondents with low incomes (30%) and those whose localities house many refugees (28%).

Only 4% think that Russia is insufficient in its support of Ukrainian refugees.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: NR2

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  • Murf

    Brothers no more. Even the ones who like Russia.
    A classic example of tight fisted Russian charity
    I hope the DPR/LPR were not planning on getting much form the warm embrace of Mother Russia.

  • Milton Devonair

    Just wait until putin can form his eurasian kingdom. russia will be flooded with people from central asia and the Caucasus…..

    • LorCanada

      Is that good or bad? It doesn’t sound so good in my opinion.

      • Milton Devonair

        If you’re the average russian, it’s bad. As russia’s not an advanced country, most of their people aren’t very skilled, so vlady and his cronies are going to bring in millions more bodies to “compete” with the native russians. This is the reward the russians get for backing their ‘glorious greater russia’ lie…stabbed in the back by their guards.
        But that’s always been the case with russia and russians. They never learn. The probably are incapable of learning.

  • LorCanada

    I wonder how those refugees who ended up being flown to some remote area of Siberia are going to get back home. The state provided nothing for them to resettle or move and they haven’t money for themselves. Not the best of times!

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    Perhaps if Russians don’t want refugees….they shouldn’t let President Hujlo invade other countries Just a thought