Russia amasses heavy military equipment in Ukraine



2014/09/28 • War in the Donbas

The press centre of the antiterrorist operation has confirmed reports about tanks of the Russian terrorist troops massing near the town of Shchastia in Luhansk Oblast.  According to press secretary of the antiterrorist operation HQ, Vladyslav Seleznyov, combat vehicles are not being used yet, 5 Kanal TV reported at 8am Kyiv time on 5 Kanal TV on 28 September.

Earlier, the movement of enemy hardware towards Shchastya was reported by the head of the Luhansk state regional administration, Hennadiy Moskal.

Seleznyov said by phone: “Information as to militant armoured vehicles massing near the population centre of Shchastya has been confirmed. According to our information, around 10 militant tanks are there. They remain static, do not move, and the intended use of this equipment is currently unknown. We are closely observing all movements of this militant equipment in order to understand how to react to them.”Additionally,  the Russian Federation concentrates military equipment on the territory of annexed Crimea near the border with the Kherson Oblast. According to speaker of the National Security and Defense Council Andrii Lysenko as per Ukrainska Pravda, border guards reported movement of Russian military equipment and strengthening of Russian military positions. “A train consisting of 30 platforms with military equipment arrived to Dzhankoi (Crimea) from Kerch. The platforms transported around 30 IFVs and 9 airborne infantry fighting vehicles (BMDs). There were some trucks as well,” Lysenko said. According to Lysenko, the Armed Forces of Russian Federation continue redeployment in the north of the Crimean peninsula. In particular, a field tent camp, hosting up to 300 representatives of Russian Armed Forces, was built in the vicinity of Chonhar checkpoint.

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  • Jackie Bugdale

    time to start feeding them to the pigs.the russians that is.

  • Rods

    Russia considers ceasefires as the continuance of war by other means. It is obvious they have objectives beyond their current territory in Ukraine, Donetsk airport is an example and if they are allowed to get away with it, they will attack and capture territory in a piecemeal fashion until they have achieved their goals.

    Ukraine needs to use the current lull in fighting to reorganise, re-equip, to solve their logistical problems, set up proper in-field medical facilities and sort out and cull the duffers and 5th columnists in their high command and the SBU. This way the can thwart Russian designs on further territorial gains at a great cost to the Russian forces.

    Glory to Ukraine.

  • rw

    Time to start arming the Ukrainian army with American heavy weapons. Just paint them to look like Ukrainian army. What can Putin say? Time to hire some D-9 Cats to dig a steep
    ditch 100 feet deep and 200 yards wide all along the Ukraine donbas border, and put huge concrete blocks along the edge of it. Keep the vermin out. Also, start mining the entire Ukraine/Russian border. Oh! Did I mention start arming the Ukrainian army?

    • disqus60

      Absolutely agree. I’d say throw in a few hundred Marines and let them wear green.

    • Jacob Schønberg

      The separatists can not winn the peace ! The economy is totally ruined in the areas they hold! Their only economic chance is to get their areas annexed by Russia. Winther will be terrible for many people there! They might try to winn a bigger victory or to involve the nearby Russian troops directly. The Russian press disinformation point in this direction. Ukraine desperately need better weapons like the M3 Carl Gustaf recoilless riffle , Barret 107 sniper riffle with scope , antitank and anti missile – missiles – even the A10 aircraft would be an big improvement if the war resumes. But i think it is better if the peace holds and the economic reality take over – the voters in rebel held areas will come to their sences in a few years.

      • MrDoodler

        M3 and Barret rifles would be good additions, maybe the Americans can share some. As far as A10s, who would fly them, Ukrainians have Su-25s but have lost quite a few.

  • rw

    I don’t believe this conflict has anything to do with the wishes of the Russian people. I do not believe the Russian people see Europe’s expansion as a genuine threat. Rather, the more integrated Russia was with the West, the more freedoms and material wealth were within reach of the average Russian. No, this entire development came about from Putin and his Kremlin stooges. They were the one’s that knew they would lose their power and influence. Europe and the West are a threat to them, and them alone- and not the Russian people, and not the nation we call Russia. They would sooner put the future of the Russian people at stake than relinquish their personal powers. Russia was on the path toward complete integration with the EU. That would have meant increased oil contracts, development of the their oil and gas resources, increase GDP, increase government programs and wealth distribution for its people. Higher spending on education, health care, social programs, luxury goods, and clear signs of greater personal freedoms. And then! Putin threw it all away. This is the part where I get really confused, as I struggle to find out why. Unless !!! Putin has been telling the truth the whole entire time. Keiv was taken over by the Americans. Keiv did change it’s path toward Europe with American intervention. The Ukraine would eventually become a NATO member and some day host US missile defence systems aimed directly at Russia. Then we must ask; why would the American’s do this? Russia was on a path toward integration with the entire world.