Lavrov on the occupation of Crimea: ‘It was an absolutely free choice’ 

Putin's foreign minister Valery Lavrov


2014/09/27 • Political News

Kyiv’s aggressive advance on the rights of the Crimean population forced it to make a free choice in favor of its self-determination. This was stated by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov during his speech at the UN General Assembly.

“The U.S. and European Union supported the coup in Ukraine, started making irresponsible justification of any action on part of the self-proclaimed Kyiv government which aimed to forcibly subdue the part of the Ukrainian nation which rejected the attempts to impose anti constitutional orders on the entire country, which wanted to fight for its rights to their mother tongue, culture, history. The aggressive advance on this rights forced the Crimean population to take their fate in their own hands and make a choice in favor of self-determination. It was an absolutely free choice, whatever those who are first and foremost responsible for the internal conflict in Ukraine might say,” said Lavrov.

According to him, the Ukrainian government is hiding facts and distorting reality when evaluating the situation in the country.

“The attempts to distort reality, hide the facts under empty accusations, were made at all stages of the Ukrainian crisis. Nothing is being done to identify and punish those to blame for the bloody events in February in Maidan, in the massacre in Odesa, Mariupol and other Ukrainian regions. The scale of the horrifying humanitarian catastrophe evoked by the action of Ukrainian servicemen in the southeast of the country were being hidden,” said Lavrov.

Lavrov called Ukraine and Russia fraternal nations and emphasized the Kremlin’s interest in restoring peace in the East.

“Russia is sincerely interested in restoring peace in the neighboring country, and everyone who is even slightly familiar with the history of the deepest fraternal connection between the two nations, should understand this,” said the Russian MFA.

According to him, in order to regulate the crisis, Ukraine should begin broad national dialogue with the goal of constitutional reform. “Russia is ready to continue actively assisting political regulation, both within the framework of the Minsk process and other formats,” said Lavrov.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Milton Devonair

    ” its rights to their mother tongue, culture, history”
    I agree you northern slav primate. So you russians get out of:
    Karelia (Finland), Koenigsberg, Maldova, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Ossetia.

    Then let Sibera form their own country.

    • Jacks Channel

      I agree. Who is this Dictator in training anyway?

      • Milton Devonair

        apeland’s foreign minister.

        he’s the typical russian trash that want to enslave people and have them live in sh*t conditions, yet send their own children to the USA.

    • LorCanada

      Hey, Milton, you forgot CRIMEA! Putin can take his little green men and get out of Crimea.

      • Milton Devonair

        My bad–I was just bringing them up to to these last two invasions…..

  • Jacks Channel

    Lavrov said, “The U.S. and European Union supported the coup in Ukraine,”. My question is, what coup? Yanukovych didn’t sign the European Association Agreement like the Ukrainian people wanted, and his people drove him out of office. Ukrainians wanted to move toward Europe, and Yanukovych wanted Russia, so the people got rid of him.

    The inverse of the “coup” as Lavrov put it, would have been Russian influence over the Ukrainian people, against their will I might add. Russian interests would have not been the will of the people, but this is okay with Comrade Lavrov. We didn’t support a coup, we supported the will of the majority. This is not the same as the will of the majority of an ethnic group as in Crimea because Crimea was part of a country. It was unconstitutional.

    • Milton Devonair

      “What coup?” lol. Yup, but I guess you being a human, didn’t get the russian programming to just react to their BS? 😀
      russians always think humans are as ignorant as russians are…..

  • Brent

    What a lying bag of dog feces Lavrov and the rest of the Russian regime is. I can’t wait for their future trial at The Hague. Their legacy will be the distrust of their nations for generations. He talks about fraternal brotherhood, yet he and his kind will never be welcome in Ukraine’s house again.

  • Michel Cloarec

    In theories, that means Lavrov would have accepted the decisions of Krim peples if they had voted against annection. With russian soldiers and kalashnikovs and tanks in your back you can´t be democratical : I call that terror !
    But what to expect ?

  • Dean Venture

    Russia has no shame. I detest this man and his lying tongue.

    • LorCanada

      Lavrov looks ‘dour’, not a nice person at all. My goodness, how they twist and turn things to deflect attention from Russia and themselves! It almost reminds me of the local gossips who talk about everybody and the latest dirt yet fail to see themselves for what they are – the spreader of falsehoods. Anyone can read between the lines and see what they are up to — Deception, Dissembling, Denial.

  • Rob Geboers

    they lost all sence of realty maybe they are beginning to believe their own lies

    • Arctic_Slicer

      They are actually just projecting. That’s what the Kremlin is good at; projection.

      • LorCanada

        Kremlin is good at projection of wornout propaganda!

  • Dirk Smith

    Lavrov is comparable to an annoying fly.

    • LorCanada

      Yep, the “fly in the ointment”!

  • Edison

    I would like to use some expletives, but at this point I wonder what Russia’s long-term goal really is. Crimea is costing them billions and billions, but for what purpose? The west cannot remove the sanctions until Russia gets out of Crimea because that would open the door for Putin to try his luck in Estonia. Putin has a pretty good chance at the moment in southern Ukraine because he has plenty of troops and tanks, surrounding Odessa and Kherson, in Transdeistra, Perekop Isthmus, and southern Donetsk. However, he won’t be able to deny Russian soldiers are involved if he attacks. Probably he just wants to ensure an unstable Ukraine, ensure a buffer between Russia and NATO, and protect Sevastopol. Lying and cheating preserve his goals and there’s nobody better to articulate his message than Lavrov.