Yatseniuk’s UN speech “melodramatic” — Churkin

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2014/09/26 • News

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk during his speech at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, September 24, called on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to end his aggression against Ukraine.

“Mr. Putin, you can win the battle with armies, but you will never win the battle with a united Ukrainian nation,” he said during his 10-minute speech, reports Ukrainska Pravda, citing Ukrinform.

Yatseniuk stated that “Russia has violated a number of bilateral and multilateral international agreements,” starting with the UN Charter and ending with the UN resolutions on combating terrorism.

“We know what terrorism is, and we strongly urge Russia to withdraw its troops, its artillery, to stop protecting the Russian-led terrorists, to reestablish control of the Russian-Ukrainian border and to begin real peace talks,” he said.

Yatseniuk acknowledged that the military option for resolving the crisis in Ukraine is not the best. “This approach needs to be comprehensive, to include diplomatic, financial, political and, in extreme cases, the military options,” he said.

He urged the Russians to abide by all twelve points of the Minsk memorandum, noting that “it is not a menu from which you can choose.” He also appealed to the international community to help bring to justice the perpetrators of the tragedy of the downed Malaysia Airlines passenger plane, which he called “a crime against humanity.”

Yatseniuk expressed confidence that Ukraine will regain control over its entire territory, including Crimea.

In turn, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin on Thursday criticized Yatseniuk for his “melodramatic appeal” to Putin, reported ITAR-TASS, September 25.

” It is strange that the Prime Minister of Ukraine instead of taking care of the numerous problems of his country, which is close to economic collapse, has come to New York for the purpose of appearing late in the evening to a half empty hall of the General Assembly,” Churkin told Russian journalists.

“It is also strange that his appearance ended with a melodramatic appeal to the president of Russia,” he added.

“Arseniy Yatseniuk has probably forgotten that Petro Poroshenko is the president of Ukraine, who throughout all this time has been conducting an intensive dialogue with President Putin — a dialogue that was made possible by the recent Minsk negotiations which, we hope, will pave the way for settling the prolonged crisis in Ukraine,” Churkin said.




Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Pravda

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  • Devon Summer

    Churkin needs another good bitch-slap from Sam Powers.

  • Murf

    Well you didn’t think Churkin was going to say Yats was thoughtful and insightful.

  • Luc Saburac

    A great statesman speaks. He should be president of Ukraine.

  • Dirk Smith

    The day is coming for the sinister fascist regime in Moscow.

  • albertphd

    Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatseniuk hit the proverbial nail right on the head! He called a spade a spade, which in the diplomatic world of euphemisms and double-talk is a real shocker, something that Russian aggressors would find ‘over-melodramatic’.

    Abusive persons in all cultures and countries around the world tend to criticize those they abuse as ‘overly-melodramatic’–whether it is the man who rapes a woman, or a bully who ridicules the tears of his smaller victim, or the world’s biggest nation which thinks nothing to invade a much smaller neighboring country without allowing border inspections or International Observers to monitor their (secretive and suspicious} actions.

    To state, as Yatseniuk does, that the LAST RESORT to peaceful negotiations in an armed conflict should be a military one reflects the much-higher ethical values of Ukraine as a civilized people, as compared to the knee-jerk reactions of Putin’s restrictive and repressive Russian regime of rogues, rascals, ruffians, and renegades!

    What still surprises me is that the Russian defense as voiced by Churkin still imagines the intelligence of the world community to be that of little children being told yet another ‘fairy tale’ by Mother Russia?! In particular, I am reminded of the tale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in which ‘Grand-ma Russia’ is really ‘the big bad wolf’ in disguise, who comes up with the dumbest answers to questions such as: “Grandma, what a big nose you have? Grandma what a big mouth you have? Grandma what big teeth you have?!”…. [So, perhaps Putin himself told his 2 daughters the same bedtime story when they were little children?! Who knows? who cares to know? ]

    The truth of the matter is that there is no truth–only ‘fairy tales’ and fables told to the literary adult community as if we were all little children, under the wing of the Mother Russian hen?! Give the world a break, a breath of fresh air, Mr. Churkin! We are not your little naive children. We are not deceived nor duped by Russian duplicity. There is nothing that Mr. Yatseniuk stated in this UN address that needs to be revoked, revised, or re-mediated–but it does need to be reiterated and regularly–until the pro-Russian world gets it into their head that their behavior mimics that of ISIS, that they are behaving as terrorist themselves, that their name RF actually is beginning to sound more like a Rogue Federation than a Russian one! For the REALITY is that Russia is the aggressor, that Russia is the abusive party, that Russia has abused not only the hospitality of their neighboring country, but the mutual respect, dignity and feeling of freedom and free-will that should exist among civilized nations in this 21st Century!

    The time for telling tales is over! The time for Russia to walk into Ukraine uninvited pretending to deliver humanitarian relief in hundreds of white cargo trucks is over! The time for Mother (or Grandmother?) Russia to talk down to Ukraine as if they were somehow Russian children, or for Russia to repeat the lies that Ukraine somehow enjoys or deserves these continued abuses on the behalf of their ‘Slavic brothers’ is over!

    The time for PEACE has likely ended as well. Despite all the hullabaloo by the West to strong-arm Poroshenko into extending his hand to Putin, no one (and that means President Obama himself as he has publicly stated in the past) really trusts or can believe whatever promises Putin proclaims. Putin publicly stated in March this year that the ‘little green men’ in Crimea then were NOT his Russian troops; then, the next month (in April) he openly announced that these were his own soldiers ALL THE TIME! What game is Putin playing?

    It’s obvious–even to little children, I’m sure!–that he’s an unabashed liar–that is, plainly put, that Putin as the President of Russia clearly states to be true what he clearly knows as false, as the ‘Great Pretender’ or ‘Giant Fibber’?! So, let’s call a spade a spade, as Yatseniuk has done!

    Now, as to what is actually truly melodramatic here is the painful fact that apparently Mr. Churkin himself appears incapable of acknowledging that black is black and white is white, but that–true to the children’s fanciful fable–he cannot admit that his ‘Emperor’ has no clothes–something that even an innocent child can see is not the case?!

    • Jackie Bugdale

      Mr. Jerkoff had nothing to say to the truth presented to him so he tried to insult Mr. Yatseniuk instead. Not impressed with Mr. Jerkoff’s rhetoric. People every where in the world deeply respect Mr. Yatseniuk for all his hard work fighting for his country.

  • Brent

    Kind of ironic that any representative of Russia would call another country ‘melodramatic’ after hearing so many tales of Russia being such a ‘vicitm’ of NATO expansion, of American commerce, of European liberalism, of Ukrainians wanting to escape Russian domination.

    I take it mirrors are really scarce in Putin=topia because it sure seems these whiny sniveling megalomaniacs certainly haven’t looked in one for a long time to see themselves as the rest of the world sees what they have become. If they were not blessed with abundant hydrocarbons and bigger guns, they would be nothing more than a backward, isolationist, sniffling little child that no one wants to invite over to play with…..but at least North Korea would have someone to play with….