Russian mercenaries raped two girls in Luhansk



2014/09/24 • War in the Donbas

Kyiv, September 24 – On the night of September 24, in Luhansk, the mercenaries kidnapped the two young women from their homes. As local media report, citing the neighbors of the victims, it happened after midnight.

A group of unidentified individuals, which included Russians and Caucasus residents, judging from their accents, burst into their home and took them to an unknown location. The young women returned home late in the morning.

They spent the entire night in a building on the territory of the V. Dal Mechanical Engineering University. This entire time they were subject to physical and sexual violence. According to eyewitnesses, the young women were beaten and very disturbed.

The media do not divulge the women’s names and the details of what happened due to ethical reasons.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Informator

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  • Milton Devonair

    Well….I mean, they are russians, so humans should expect anything different? In their glory years (WWII), they raped, looted and murdered across europe, even mass rapes of russian women POWs freed….they were gang raped by the russians before they were let go.
    And in Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Georgia, Crimea….and now Ukraine.

    russia is a terminal disease upon civilized human kind.
    russia is ebola.

  • Tiana

    Russian savages

  • LorCanada

    Have heard that the Russians in east Ukraine also would kill their victims to cover up the evidence. Those mongols are a menace to civilized people.

  • sdasdsd

    Russian soldiers raped about 2 millions of German women after winning WW2

    • Tiana

      Yes they did, thats why it makes me mad when people dont make the difference between russians and ukrainians. Russians are responsible for all the atrocity done in germany, ukraine and other former soviet union countries, russians were always barbarians. Dont take me wrong, I love open minded russian people but unfortunately there are only few of those left.