Peace March in Moscow: free Dmitry Potekhin!



2014/09/23 • News

Article by: Oleksiy Haran

At the request of Dmitry’s relatives, who are trying to draw attention to his situation, I have published a photo of the Peace March in Moscow on 21.09.2014.

Local activists Valentyna Chubarova and Mykola Zboroshenko carry placards demanding the release of Dmitry Potekhin. Next to them is V. Shenderovych.

Dmitry is a journalist, blogger and supporter of non-violent resistance. He has been held hostage by terrorists in Donetsk for 49 days. Leaflets explaining Dmitry’s situation were distributed during the march in Moscow.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Ukrayinska Pravda


  • Paul P. Valtos

    Well it has not changed from the Stalinist era. He’s probably being tortured in Lubyanka now. I sometimes wonder whether Russia can be run like a normal country without the Okrana, NKVD, KGB or the FSB or whatever it is called now Change the initials of the thing and it still Is sinister. The party runs the country on fear. No wonder the poor Russians are afraid to rebel. You would not see what has happened in America in the last 50 years happen in Russia. The ordinary Russian is looked on by the Party as just so much cannon fodder to sacrifice for whoever decided to do “his” thing. God figure out why except his train of thought has been influenced by the previous psychopaths.