Borys Kolesnikov de facto asks Putin to continue invading Ukraine



2014/09/23 • Politics

Article by: Vadym Denysenko

Kolesnikov’s statement that the Party of Regions will not recognize the legislative elections in 2014 stems from a direct demand by Russia, which claims that the new Ukrainian parliament is illegitimate.

“The Party of Regions believes that elections under the proportional system are illegitimate, and I think this will be proved in international courts…. because seven million people cannot participate, and this will be a direct violation of the Constitution with respect to voters and candidates. This is a step towards dictatorship and the usurpation of power.”

Why did Kolesnikov make such a statement?

1. Under no conditions or circumstances has the Party of Regions been able to gain 5% of votes required for parliament. Kolesnikov’s statement on the illegitimacy of the coming elections is a mere cover-up for the party’s disastrous state of affairs.

2. This statement was not dictated in the interest of Donbas voters, but in the interest of Russians, who are likely to pick up this thesis and proclaim that the voice of the Donbas has not been heard, that the junta has usurped power and refuses to listen to its own people. To put it simply – it is just another reason to legitimize “Novorossiya”.

3. Kolesnikov lies openly when he says that seven million residents of the Donbas will not participate in the elections. This figure is overstated by about half. Why did Kolesnikov make such a “mistake”? Apparently, this is due to the fact that members of the Party of Regions have no chance of being elected in any of the majoritarian districts in the Donbas. Moreover, Kolesnikov’s arguments seem somewhat strange, coming just after the presidential elections, in which most Donbas voters did not take part. It would be logical if the Party of Regions had filed a lawsuit on the illegitimacy of Poroshenko’s election. But, let’s not forget that the Kremlin recognized Poroshenko as the legitimate President. So, the PR did not file any lawsuits. Now, there is another problem, so they are preparing appropriate actions. After yesterday’s statement by another PR clan – Liovochkin’s party, which also decided not to participate in the elections – we can expect Yuriy Miroshnichenko to announce that he also intends to sue the Ukrainian government.

4. Kolesnikov added that the Party of Regions will saturate Ukrainian courts with complaints about the elections. There is no doubt that some judges will make a decision favourable to the Russians. The big question is whose side the Constitutional Court will take; it has remained virtually unchanged since the days of Yanukovych. Russia really needs to have the elections declared illegitimate by the Ukrainian courts.

However, even decisions pronounced by courts of first instance will be more than enough to turn this into a grandiose PR campaign. Then the “fair judge” will be quietly shipped to Russia and will continue to live comfortably somewhere in Crimea.

5. In fact, all this commotion will not be logical if Russia does not continue its military aggression. If there is no full-scale invasion, the Party of Regions will simply disappear from the political map of Ukraine or dissolve in other political projects. Kolesnikov’s statement gives Russia the opportunity to plan the overthrow of the “Kyiv dictatorship” and the protection of the population of so-called “Novorossiya”. After all, we should not forget that the Russians are looking for political leaders to head this “Novorossiya”, and the Kremlin is very interested in participating in this casting.

In conclusion, it is important to underline one thing – Kolesnikov cannot NOT understand what he said and what bloody consequences his statement may have.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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  • Mat

    “But, let’s not forget that the Kremlin recognized Poroshenko as the legitimate President. ”

    No, the Kremlin did and has not.

    see here:

  • nysq1

    UA must meet this agression in the Courts by the highest skilled lawyers. Eventually ensure EU and US support for legitimacy. Very important he does net get his way.

  • Rods

    Use the Lustration law before any case is heard to clear the constitutional court of any corrupt judges appointed by Yanukovych, that is what it is there for.

    It is a fact of life that the Kremlin will interfere in Ukrainian politics as much as they are allowed too. To date, in my opinion Poroshenko has kept one step ahead and as long as he continues to do so he will keep winning political rounds of the ‘The Great Game’, but it is up to every Ukrainian patriot to use their skills, wits and sound judgement to help subvert the Kremlin, their agents and ‘useful fools’ who are out to destroy the progression of Ukrainian society into a freer, more just and better society for everybody.

    The Kremlin is fighting a total war against Ukraine by using every military, political and economic means, fair or more usually most foul, in their arsenal. The public need to recognise this and use all of the means at their disposal to subvert and beat Russia. Total war means every patriot doing whatever they can to beat the Ukrainian state’s enemies. This can vary from saving as much energy as possible over winter, to boycotting all Russian goods or making a donation towards helping the brave Ukrainian troops on the front line.

    I’m sure there are millions of patriots in Ukraine that wish they could be doing more but don’t know how to or they don’t realise how they can collectively help or realise how individuals and their actions can make a massive difference. All of us can do that by our own thoughtful, positive actions and deeds.

    As a Brit with a fantastic Ukrainian wife, I’m doing my very small part by writing and promoting Ukrainian interests where ever I can, to whoever I can (including Western politicians), in this hour of need.

    • nysq1

      Good ideas-I have also thought that many volunteers could be used for example on helping IDP’s or distributing wood to the most vulnerable during winter. Go out to the Woods 1000 man strong and go give it to the poorest afterwards.

      • Rods

        That’s what the Berliners did at the end of WWII where Berlin was surrounded by forests to keep warm in the winter of 1945/46.

        Any community inspired action to help is not only good because it is helps those around them, but it also unites people to a common cause and helps make Russia’s economic difficulties greater.

        I was reading a Reuters press release on Gazprom yesterday where their gas sales are falling like a lead balloon. :-)

        It will probably be a combination of the economy and a failed nationalist ‘adventure’ that will be the end of Putin’s regime.

    • Murf

      Well said Sir!
      In total war you have to fight the battle on all fronts.
      With the fighting some what stabilized in the east the the next phase of the war is proving Ukraine was right to turn it’s back on the kleptocracy and Putin.
      Fight the corruption when ever possible.
      Protest against every Russian fool tool running for office.
      Publicly support reformers or reform legislation.
      Help the needy and chastise the greedy.
      living happy and prosperous the sweetest revenge against Putin.

  • Christopher Diamant

    The fact is this: he’s a thug leftover from the Big Thief Yanukovych…
    “……Kolesnikov added that the Party of Regions will saturate Ukrainian courts with complaints about the elections. …”

    Just like his Moscow bosses tell him to do…….But that Peace Rally set Putin back a few yards…Glory to Ukraine!!!

  • Dave Ralph

    Kolesnikov exaggerated the number but in principle he is right. About 4mn Donbass citizens won’t be able to send voraciously pro-Russian lawmakers to the Verkhovna Rada in this election, and this is a very good thing. But the flip side is that the occupied territories can’t be kept in Ukraine under such circumstances, they need to be cut loose.

    • Murf

      UA will be better off with out the occupied areas. The PoR will be hamstrung with out their base.
      As for the election being unconstitutional with them. The march of democracy doesn’t stop because some thugs hold hostages. The rebels don’t even hold the entirety of the Donbas. Just the part the vote for him.

  • Rascalndear

    If Donbas wants its voice to be heard, it had better start urban guerilla warfare to get rid of the bandits who don’t want to listen to them. Those who favor the bandits can go vote in Russia at the next election. I’m sure Ukrainians won’t mind.

  • Edison

    ” it is just another reason to legitimize “Novorossiya”. Not a “reason”, but a scam. Russian people appear to love being scammed.

  • Murf

    Can’t SBU find some dirt on this scum bag? What the hell good are they if they can’t eliminate a threat to the country.
    And why does any body vote for these traitors.