Dzhemilev: Crimean self-defense compiled lists of Crimean Tatars to be “liquidated”



2014/09/22 • Crimea

Article by: Lana Dollenberg

Kyiv – The so-called Crimean self-defense has compiled lists of representatives of local mejlises (representative body of the Crimean Tatars, indigenous people of Ukraine) to be “liquidated.” Mustafa Dzhemilev, the national leader of the Crimean Tatar people and Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, informed

“Such lists exist for those in Bakhisarai and Saduk mejlises. The individuals will either have to disappear or they will be liquidated,” he reported. While saying that, Mustafa Dzhemilev noted that in response, the Crimean Tatars would compile “self-defense” representatives’ lists, adhering to principles of non-violence in the tradition of the national movement of the indigenous people of Crimea.

As reported earlier, massive search efforts have been underway in homes and educational institutions of the Crimean Muslims. On September 16, the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars in Simferopol was raided. A day later, the Russian security forces and judicial system representatives sealed the Mejlis building and forcibly removed its staff, as well as representatives of Crimean Tatars organization and media.

Translated by: Olena Kozlova-Pates

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  • Brent

    The FSB is what needs to be liquidated. They are a grotesque organization like the Nazi SS. Hopefully documentation is being kept as to who the FSB leaders and commanders are and their continuing brutalization,kidnapping, torture, and murder of the people of Crimea and Donbass and will be used in their future war crimes tribunals.

    When is the Western governments and media going to finally stand up and start doing something about this? Where is the vaunted United Nations who are supposed to be worried about the human rights of others? Didn’t they learn after their handling of Rwanda? Where is Amnesty International and the Red Cross? DO NONE OF THEM CARE ABOUT THESE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS? They are not supposed to be worried about trading lives for our economies like our Western governments are.

    • DDJ

      So Brent I’m curious… What would you have them do?

      • Per Haarr

        a good start must be to kick RuZZia out of the security counsel.
        The red cross have become a ridiculous organization in this conflict, with no power or will to do things right. The same have the monkeys in Amnesty.
        Eu and nato needs to get their heads straight and out of the sand before its too late…..

        • DDJ

          It takes 2/3 vote in UN to ‘kick’ Soviets (Russia) out of the Security council and then it has to be ratified by 2/3 of all of the countries governments. Nice thought but not an easy quick task.

          Better to just put tacks on their chairs and cut the wires to their mics and say “What are you talking about? That did not happen.”

          One could even mug them in the elevator and say they are crazy when they complain because it never happened and they must have had too much to drink and fell down.

          Currently the US Canada and Europe are turning back fighter escorted Russian bombers flying towards our countries. Short of shooting them down what to do??

          Last Wednesday, the Swedish Foreign Ministry said two Russian military aircraft had crossed into its air space south of the Baltic Sea island of Oland.

          The ministry called it a “serious violation” and said it has summoned the Russian ambassador over the incident.

          According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, the planes were Sukhoi Su-24 combat jets that left Swedish air space when a Swedish Air Force fighter approached.

          These things take time Per Haarr and world diplomacy is not a game played on Xbox. You do not get to ‘reboot’ if you make a large mistake.
          The solution is a slow constant pressure.
          Rest assured that the world governments will meet the threat from Stalinke with the minimum amount of force to get the ‘maximum’ results.
          I see a cold cold winter for the Stalinke clones now running about like fools in Ukraine and the annexed Crimea. Their days are numbered, they just do not know it.
          Have a nice day Per Haarr.

          • Per Haarr

            Well said, and have a nice day U2

      • Brent

        1) provide Ukraine with the weapons they are requesting. Ukrainian citizens have shown they are more than willing to defend their own country and don’t need ‘boots on the ground’ from other countries. The weapons they have are not sufficient to defend with what Russia has brought into Ukraine. The U.S. has over 2000 M1 Abrams tanks sitting in the desert outside of Reno. These will likely never enter U.S. service as replacements scheduled for 2017. That would be a start. Provide Ukraine with drones and anti tank weaponry as well and effective communication systems. These would at least serve as a deterrent as Ukraine was showing they could fight on par with the terrorists in Donbass before Russia sent in their more modern weapons.
        2) the only report I have seen from Amnesty International dealt with the situation in Donbass and cited both sides as committing atrocities. That may be correct, but it is ludicrous to suggest Ukraine has done anything to the extent of what Russia and their terrorists have committed (a lot has been documented already and many ‘victims’ have been sent to other countries for treatment). I haven’t seen anything from Amnesty International or any other organization about the persecution of the Tatars in Crimea and this has been well documented by other sources.
        3) The United Nations should be willing to place peacekeepers in the Donbass. That way Russia would be forced to remove all of its troops and the border could be closed to further incursions of ‘lost or holidaying’ soldiers.
        4) Kick Russia out of the G20 and WTO. They have shown they do not have the right to belong in either of these organizations as they do not respect the rule of law of either of these. Russia has committed many trade violations against Ukraine and other European countries, and no one is taking them to task on these. Still too many weak leaders think you can negotiate with Putin when he lies about every agreement and does not uphold what he promises
        5) Start seizing assets of Putin and his supporters in Europe and U.S. Start deporting the families of Putin and the oligarchs back to Russia. Putin’s daughter lives in Netherlands (didn’t they lose many citizens on MH17???). Start the process of seizing their assests as war reparations>>>please don’t claim we should ‘respect protocols’ when Putin clearly doesn’t. The only thing a bully like Putin will understand is when he gets kicked in the teeth.

        Strongly worded statements and weak sanctions have not stopped Putin yet. How long until Ukraine collapses economically and cannot heat its cities this winter? Do we need to see a couple of million refugees fleeing into Europe before we try to stop Putin? Look at how Russia’s support of Syria has decimated that country. Do you want to see that in Ukraine before the world finally takes this seriously? Obama is worried about ‘not doing anything stupid’. Doing nothing is stupid. Ukraine can’t fight Russia with blankets.