Russians mass-murdered by ‘brave Novorossiya soldiers’ 



2014/09/21 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Andriy Bulgarov 

Russian servicemen who are totally absent in Donbas, scream murder on social networks that they are being fired at by the LNR artillery and asking everyone to spread the word to everybody they know.

On the morning of September 17, near Debaltsevo, a group of the 21st individual motorized shooting brigade from unit 12128 (village of Totskoye 4, Orenburg oblast), ended up under artillery fire.

As the Russian themselves soldiers write, which are not where they really are, early in the morning a column with ammunition (the 4th motorized shooting regiment and the second troop of the martial provisions regiment plus an escort regiment), headed towards their given target. They were suddenly attacked with missiles. The entire column was defeated, including 4 Ural vehicles. Over 20 people were ripped to pieces, and there are more than 40 wounded, with various degrees of injury.

Several days earlier a 7-unit tank group ended up under the same kind of attack. All the tanks were destroyed, together with their crews.

The Russian command naturally tried to hide the fact that their servicemen died, as well as the fact that the Russians are being mass-murdered by ‘brave Novorossiya soldiers.’

Meanwhile, however, it looks like such things cannot be hidden. This is what the soldiers are writing to their families, who already know for sure where their husbands and sons are and what the hell they are doing there:

“In Debaltsevo, this is not the first time Novorossiya mercenaries have been attack us with artillery fire. Of course, they can sign off the losses as a miscalculation, but we were surrounded by a steppe. Within the past few days the mercenaries, the terrorists, violated the ceasefire over 40 times. They are shooting directly at our Russian (!) columns, and demanding help from the Russian government in determining the status of their bandit republic.”

And do you know what I want to say to the Russians? Nothing! Let the DNR and LNR canons speak for me, those that were supplied by the Russians in the first place.

Well, Russia made the same mistake as the United States with Afghanistan when, having armed the mercenaries, they never bothered with the instruments of control over their rabid dogs. And such a dog always bites their own master. Always.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Obozrevatel

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  • Brent

    Let the katsap keep murdering each other

  • DisqustedWithTheWest

    This is turning into another frozen conflict. Wall off the area; strengthen borders with Russia and Belarus; open borders with EU countries; increase defense spending; develop international news sources; force all government and military personnel to undergo loyalty polygraph testing; ensure judicial and legislative lustration; require Russia to restore rebel controlled infrastructure; relocate loyal Ukrainians to other areas; make Russian passport holders fall under the 90 day regime without voting privileges; go full speed ahead with reforms and international agreements. (Since the economy is dead you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by resetting the entire country.) Invite as many experts here as possible to assist you with the reset.

    • LorCanada

      Does that mean giving up Crimea? Just wonder.

  • Rods

    No symphony here, he who sows the seeds….. And may the blue on blue long continue. It happens at the best of times in the fog of war, but when you arm drunks and misfits, you are asking for real trouble!

    I think looking at this from a wider viewpoint, it means that the terrorists, will continue fighting regardless of any ceasefire, even if they precipitate in the talks, so Ukraine are going to be in for a long drawn out fight, but at some point hopefully Russian casualties and public opinion (estimated 50,000 in yesterday’s peace march in Moscow) will turn it into another Russian Afghanistan.