Putin’s Russia is becoming a criminal gang



2014/09/21 • Russia

Article by: Vitaly Portnikov

Russian border servicemen detained a Lithuanian fishing vessel, Juros Vilkas, and forcibly deposed the captain and the entire crew of the ship from doing their duty. According to the Russian side, the vessel had been arrested because it had been illegally fishing for crabs in Russia’s exclusive economic zone. The Lithuanian side insists that the ship was in international waters; and it is absolutely unclear what Russian servicemen had been doing in these waters.

“Thanks to the satellite system, the location of every vessel is documented with perfect precision down to the hour, and their location is known, therefore we can claim that the vessel was in international waters. This incident began when the ship was approached by a vessel with a Russian flag, armed people wanted to go to the port of Murmansk, when the commandment of the vessel and the captain refused, they were take off-duty by force and the vessel is still being transported to the port of Murmansk,” noted the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius.

The situation is very reminiscent of the recent story with the arrest on Estonian territory of a servicemen of the local special services. FSB representatives illegal infiltrated foreign territory, kidnapped a person, who was carrying out a mission, and then claimed that Eston Kohver had been on Russian territory and had illegally crossed the border himself. Even earlier, there was an incident the Ukrainian pilot, Nadiya Savchenko, who was taken to Russian territory with the help of ‘DNR’ bandits and also accused of illegally crossing the border.

It is the Lithuanian ship’s turn now. And it is not very important what Russian FSB representatives had in mind – and the border workers, as is known, are part of this infamous institution. The border workers may have been simply ‘covering’ the interests of Murmansk fishermen and scaring away the competition for a small fee. They could have received orders to ‘punish’ Lithuania as well. However, this is not important in the end, what is important is that Russia no longer gives a single damn about international law. After Crimea, this country has been dramatically losing characteristics of statehood and turning into an organized criminal group, which is only pretending to be a country.

“This is not how international relations issues should be solved, even if some problems to arise. This demonstrates certain anger, some sort of hatred. Or they want to demonstrate some sort of power, which is what is also happening now in other countries,” said Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius after the incident. However, such demonstration of power and hatred is simply necessary to Vladimir Putin and the criminalized system he had replaced Russia with.

The Russian President may temporarily stop in Ukraine. However, it will not rid neither him nor his subordinates of the confidence that they can do whatever they want – and to whomever they want. At least when we are talking about neighboring countries. Russia’s main goal is demonstrate that Europe is an Animal Farm of Orwell’s, which has several levels of sovereignty. And while nobody can infringe on Russia’s sovereignty due to its having access to nuclear weaponry and the fear in the face of the government’s psychological instability, Russia itself, with the rascality of a street hooligan, can occupy foreign territories, kidnap people and ships; and nothing will be done to it.

This is the sense of the changes that occurred on our continent after Putin’s Crimean machination and the West’s demonstration of their unreadiness to punish the audacious aggressor. Now Putin is going fort her – he has enough cruelty, hatred and power.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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    • Milton Devonair

      russia is ebola

      • EverTheGreen

        Good one.

  • Brent

    These Russian thugs and criminals are doing whatever they want with impunity. The atrocities being committed in Crimea and the Donbass, the kidnapping of citizens of other countries, now the theft of fishing vessels. Feckless Obama is so afraid of ‘doing anything stupid’ that he is turning a blind eye to the attacks on several sovereign states. Frau Ribbentrop-Merkl is worried about the German economy and losing trade with her bosom buddy Putin that she is allowing these unwarranted criminal attacks on several countries to continue and doesn’t care of the value of human lives. Our elected leaders are complicit in the human rights abuses and criminal looting of these nations.

    • Milton Devonair

      russia has always been a disease upon humans. russia is ebola.

  • jimhenley

    Keep telling the world

  • Rods

    Obama is far enough away from Moscow to hope that the crocodile Putin comes for him last!

    Now Putin has abandoned the growing economy route and his unwritten agreement with the Russian people of making them richer in return for him and his cronies being left to their own corrupt practices the world is going to be a much darker and more dangerous place.

    His new nationalist route and his pledge to be president for life means that each time he hits the nationalism button to boost his popularity he must win or he will likely be deposed. His survival at all costs from a position of political weakness make him much more dangerous than if he was acting from a position of strength. The fact that he has surrounded himself with a close circle of ultra-nationalists, means he will have no shortage of ‘friends’ urging him on. This will create massive instability and conflict in Western Europe as he seeks, out of survival necessity, to build a new ‘Soviet’ empire. The fact that Russia has nuclear weapons that he regularly uses to threaten the west shows that this threat is going to be used as part of his projection of power.

    Even more dangerous is the Kremlin’s belief that there will be winners and losers from a nuclear exchange, with Russia a winner through their Moscow ABM system, better civil defences and outside of Moscow having a bigger country with a more scattered population.

    Military strength does not only depend upon military apparatus but also the projection of power they represent and ultimately their use to achieve the desired political ends. Obama is the weakest president the US has probably ever had. They maybe more powerful in military strength, but Putin is wiping the floor with Obama on the world stage where elegant words and speeches along with talking about international law legal niceties don’t match Putin’s law of the Kalashnikov.

    I think it is inevitable that the Baltic countries will suffer Russian induced instability much like Ukraine has, followed by the appearance of ‘Little Green Men’. The kidnapping of the Estonian official was the first shot in this battle and as usual the US and Europe have been totally unprepared and don’t much care if the crocodile is not currently eating them.

    NATO is set up to fight conventional wars, not the covert sort that has occurred in Ukraine and will in the Baltic’s soon. All three of the Baltic countries need to expand, train and update their internal intelligence and security services to deal with this new threat. Putin wants a land bridge to Kalingrad and to stay in power, so ‘deniable’ covert attacks of all descriptions like the kidnap, seem inevitable.

    Where the Kremlin is funding ‘useful fools’ to protect their interests, covert activity has ramped up considerably in many countries including an alleged $82 million spent on green movements that are against fracking for oil and gas in Western Europe. After what has happened in Ukraine and with MH17 don’t be surprised if this leads to Russian sponsored terrorism and terrorist groups, particularly in Europe.

    Putin and his regime are like a spreading cancer, the longer the problems it is causing are ignored, the more difficult and painful and the more lasting will be the damage once the patient of the US and Europe have no choice but to start applying painful and radical cures, where they will have to fight for their own survival.

    Like in the 1930’s with Hitler, who could have been stopped early on with positive action by Britain and France, but he was left to grow in confidence with each new annexation, until the red line of Poland was crossed which started WWII, so if Putin is continued to be left to get on with building his new ‘Soviet’ empire at western Europe’s expense, once a red line has been crossed that can’t be ignored and ironically this maybe over Poland, so WWIII will start.

  • Astin Marton

    ROssian (not RUssian but Muscovite) rulers have been a criminal gang since they sank in blood the Novgorod Republic in 1478. It’s been going for centuries. Putin just took over the old song with his false solo part as did Lenin and Stalin with Bolsheviks almost a hundred years ago. There’s no other way of removing cancerocracy (Yury Kuznetsov) from Moscow but turning modern RUssia (Ukraine and Belarus as well) into a REAL free democratic society, and this will take decades. Success of Ukraine would have been a very painful kick in Putin’s teeth (he thinks of himself as of the XXI century Ivan III), that’s why Putin never let Ukraine go having Belarus already in his pocket. Europe should wake up and help Kyiv before it’s too late. But Kyiv must stop pretending like there’s no threat from East, mobilize, and name aggression as aggression and war as war. God bless Ukraine!

  • Michel Cloarec

    In Sotchi, built by several tousands foreign workers
    No salaries paid for several months
    They were forced to go back without wages