‎Ukrainians‬ in occupied Donbas forced to take Russian passports



2014/09/21 • War in the Donbas

Residents of militant-controlled population centers in eastern Ukraine are being forced to obtain Russian passports, UNIAN has learnt from the media relations department of the State Border Service of ‪‎Ukraine‬.

“Forceful issuance of ‪‎Russian‬ passports is taking place in population centers controlled by the militants,” the service reported at 16:35 Kyiv time.

The report also said that pro-Russia militants had breached the cease-fire at the border, and Russian military units and illegal armed groups continued to concentrate in certain areas and to increase their combat effectiveness over the previous 24 hours.

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  • jack dunster

    Ah yes.. and what were the Russians whining about in January – language rights, identity – and what do they do when they have power – remove the same.. Hey Obama, and your idiot western politicians – are you that stupid that you do not see this / Because of your idiocy – and your ignorance – you are part of the problem….

  • George

    If there is a way of recognising the passports forcible handed out under duress both here and in Crimea, cannot international passport/immigration control at airports and seaports refuse to recognise them, should these people try to travel? It is really an illegal document since the territory is Ukraine.