Group in China supports Ukraine’s army



2014/09/20 • News

A “Flag for Ukraine” flash mob  was held on Saturday, September 20, in Beijing at the Embassy of Ukraine in China, reports the Ukrinform news agency.

The event was attended by about 300 people from over 10 countries, including many Chinese. Participants, dressed in blue and yellow T-shirts, formed a Ukrainian flag. The well-known designer Anzhela Lysytsia created the original design for the T-shirts and was the manager of the event. im578x383-ch%201Sales of 450 T-shirts brought over 60,000 yuan (almost US $10,000), which will go to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers from the ATO zone. It was decided to donate the money to a military hospital in Irpin, Ukraine (Kyiv Oblast) for prosthetics.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in China supported our group. Our first task was to raise funds; the second was to gather Ukrainians,” Lysytsia said, adding that both tasks succeeded very well and the “atmosphere was wonderful.”

im578x383-ch%202Ambassador of Ukraine to China Oleh Domin thanked all participants who came to support Ukraine. “Your presence here today shows that we are together, that Ukraine is not alone at this difficult time,” he said.

This is the first such event in support of Ukraine in China.



Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Ukrinform

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  • DDJ

    Don’t you just love it?

  • Michel Cloarec


  • arpete29

    we have to support the weak against the strong and the freedom

  • Rudolfo Rojas

    I believe its high time that we organize something like this in front of the Russian embassy in Washington, DC. My home city is surprisingly mum and uninformed about the travesty occurrring in Ukraine and frankly i am ashamed about our apathy. Of course with the USA bearing the brunt of much of the peace-keeping and war-fighting in the world it is understandable i am afraid.