Second Minsk talks: agreements on peace amid shellings in Ukraine



2014/09/20 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Anna Palagina

19 September 2014  saw a new episode of Minsk Peace Talks. This installation of peace talks took place in Minsk’s “President-Hotel,” starring OSCE representative Adelheid Tagliavini, former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, Russian Ambassador in Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, DNR’s “Prime Minister” Olexandr Zakharchenko, DNR’s “Vice-Premier” Andrey Purgin and LNR’s “Prime Minister” Ihor Plotnitsky. Together they, as per so-called speaker of LNR’s Parliament Olexiy Karyakin, “worked on the details of how to carry out the ceasefire”.

“We agreed upon main points of the ceasefire and removal of military equipment. We also planned to discuss the special status of Donbas, but did not get there. However, we agreed that Ukrainian military units should move 30 kilometers back,” Karyakin said.

According to Leonid Kuchma, the new agreement implies that each side must move their large-caliber weapon systems at least 15 kilometers away from each other. “This way, a safety zone at least 30 kilometers in width will be formed,” Kuchma said.

Karyakin gave away more interesting information. He spoke about the “border between Ukraine and DNR-LNR.” According to Karyakin, this “border” will be watched by the OSC at all times.  “We achieved some progress with the agreement, despite the fierce arguments,” Karyakin said. Karyakin also confirmed that ban on heavy weapons was also on the table in Minsk.

Leonid Kuchma said that the contact group is working on the first point of the memorandum on Ukrainian ceasefire and he personally is “optimistic about the progress.”

Against this backdrop of Kuchma’s optimism and hard work of LNR’s and DNR’s representatives on peace, the militants near Mariupol show what exactly the cryptic “safety zone” means. Apparently, it means a zone burned out by detonation of GRAD rockets. While the contact group was debating how far the Ukrainian army should move away its equipment, the militants made use of GRAD’s full capabilities and shelled Mariupol’s suburbs Talakovka and Sartana, burning down the fields around them, according to the representatives of Svoboda Party in Mariupol. Later, this information was confirmed by Oleh Tyahnybok and the images of burning suburbs appeared in Facebook pages of Mariupol’s residents.


Mariupol’s GRAD-made fires. According to locals, the militants are shelling the blockposts on the exit to Donetsk (“Stalevar”)  (photo from Roman Romanenko’s facebook).

As one of the Facebook Mariupol users sarcastically put it: “I finally have my peace of mind back! Today I learned that there will be an OSCE-watched zone right next to Lugandon. From now on, every morning Ukrainians will get the freshest updates on who, how much and from where was shelling their homes during the previous night. Very useful information, especially for the survivors!”


Mariupol’s local opinion on the implementation of the ceasefire.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda
Source: Ukrainska Pravda
Source: Facebook
Source: Belta.By News
Source: Novosti.Dn.Ua

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  • Dean Venture

    I don’t know if I believe this is going to work. The occupied regions are very narrow. If the rebels back off 15 km, it means they’ll have to pull out of Horlivka and Donetsk (assuming the government still holds the airport). They’ll probably have to pull out of parts of Luhansk as well. I have a hard time believing this will happen.

    If they’re expecting government forces to withdraw the full 30 km, they’re just going to walk in and occupy these areas without resistance. Would Poroshenko’s government survive that?

  • Murf

    I once herd a native American indian saying; “the white man promised to take our land and they kepted it.”
    The diplomats in Minsk are not running this war, gun toting murders are. Every millimeter Ukraine pulls back is a millimeter they will push forward.
    It is time UA learn the phrase “No we didn’t.” As in did you shell russian artillery?
    Also it’s close associate “no it’s not.”
    As in this looks like Ukraine troops assaulting a Russian position.
    And the Russian favorite; “it’s all lies and propaganda.”
    As in “we have conclusive prope that Ukraine has launched artillery across the Russian border and blew up Russian troops.”
    Playing nice guy only gets you so much.
    Clearly it is not going to get relevant western military aid.