ATO stories: 23-year-old sniper from Vinnytsia, mother of six-year-old daughter



2014/09/20 • War in the Donbas

23-year-old Mariya Viter, a young lady from Vinnytsia, has returned home for a break from the war. She has been fighting with the Donbas battalion in eastern Ukraine.

Mariya was a hairdresser in civilian life, but became a sniper. She left behind a six-year-old daughter and this, she says, helped her survive.

Prior to ATO, Mariya Viter worked as a hairdresser. She admits that the events in the East forced her to radically change her life. She left her six-year-old daughter with her mother-in-law and went to train at the volunteer battalion’s training camp. There, she learned how to use a machine gun and sniper rifle.

She told her mother about her decision just before taking the oath.

Video in Ukrainian

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Channel 5


  • Joni Pelkonen

    It is heartbreaking how people have to leave their lives and experience horrible things, all because a dictator in another country is afraid that he will lose his power.

  • Ben Overdevest

    I am happy to be her sponsor ! (the Donbas Battalion) – Heroes of Ukraine !!!

  • Brent

    Mariya, thank you for being brave enough to fight for Ukraine. Doing the job you had to do in Donbass was probably the last thing you ever expected you would have to do, but you are a true Ukrainian hero for fighting against the katsap scum that invaded Ukraine

    I hope you have many years of peace in your future and you are much braver than many of us and we thank you for that.