Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland sign agreement on joint military brigade



2014/09/19 • Political News

Ukrainian Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey has signed an agreement with the Lithuanian and Polish counterparts on the creation of a joint military unit, the UNIAN news agency reported at 19:46 Kyiv time on 19 September.

The agreement was signed in Warsaw earlier on the same day. The joint brigade will be called LITPOLUKRBRIG. Ukraine will be represented by servicemen of the 80th separate air-mobile brigade. The Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Polish servicemen will take part in joint exercises and eventually in military operations, the report said.
The relevant technical documents will be drafted in the next two years, by which time the brigade should have become fully operational.

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  • Dirk Smith

    Live to fight another day. Thanks to the KGB dwarf!! Slava Ukraini!!

  • chris hawkins


  • sandy miller

    That’s great Ukraine will lose territory..maybe more but those countries will get their acts together in about two years??? Good God people putin could have all your countries by then….