The Security Council will discuss switching off the Internet in Russia



2014/09/19 • Russia

Several events with the involvement of high-standing Russian officials are planned for next week, dedicated to the work of the Russian segment of the Internet in emergency states. In particular, this topic will be discussed on Monday, September 22, at the Security Council with President Vladimir Putin in attendance, reports Vedomosti newspaper this Friday, September 19.

It is planned to make several decisions, which would reinforce the sovereignty of the Russian segment of the worldwide web. As such, a special order of governance of the Internet may be implemented, presuming the possibility of disconnecting Russia from the global network.

The tests carried out by the Ministry of Communication, showed that the Russian Internet is vulnerable, the newspaper reports. Means to minimize the risks, including the possibility of temporarily disconnecting the Russian Internet from the outside world, are being discussed, confirmed a special services worker.

This does not mean a permanent disconnection from access to the worldwide web. However, Russian operators will have to set up their equipment in such a way, that in case of an emergency, the Russian Internet may be disconnected operatively from the global network.

Emergency situations may include combat, and, for example, serious protests inside the country. One of Vedomosti’s informants reminded that in 2011 during tensions in Egypt, the local government switched off the Internet and mobile communication all over the country.

The second idea the officials will discuss is giving the state power to administrate domains, which done by a civil organization – the Coordination Center for the National Internet Domain. This may be taken up by the Federal Communication Agency, subject to the Ministry of Communication.

The Coordination Center includes a representative from the Ministry, however, officials want to control the entire system of distribution of domains within the Russian Internet entirely, stated one of the newspaper’s sources.

The President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed that an operative session of the Security Council is set for Monday, however, he did not say what issues will be subject to discussion.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • Jacks Channel

    Putins doing that to control the Russian people, to protect a style of Russia goverance that only he and the controlling few believe in, which is One Party Rule, and to protect himself.

  • Danny Smith

    what emergency would require disconnection of internet?
    this is more likely an excuse to disconnect the people from finding out about how much their government has lied to them.

    will this also mean that Russian trolls will not be able to spread their lies on western sites??

    • Dean Venture

      Wouldn’t that be nice!? I would be really interested in seeing how comment board activity changed after such a disconnection. Unfortunately, I would expect them to implement a firewall, blocking everyone but the trolls.

  • MrTheatrix .

    Not speaking for the rest of the world, but I need a vacation from the Russian community. Two weeks would be grand. Make it happen.

  • Dirk Smith

    Did Kim Jong Un approve this?