Terrorist war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: Summary for September 17



2014/09/18 • Daily Updates

Article by: Roman Burko

Despite Minsk and the new Decentralization Legislation, War with Russia is Coming!

Briefly would like to point out the uselessness of the mood of panic around the adopted law related to the special status of the occupied Lugansk and Donetsk regions. In our future reports we will try to present a more in-depth assessment of these measures, but for now would like to stress that it is not “wimping out” and admitting defeat. We are not going to reveal all the moves in the chess game but will give a hint that this move allows further chance to get international (military) aid…

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  • Murf

    What Poro can give the Rebels don’t want. What the rebels want Poro won;t give.
    It’s all a game of chess.
    By time let the sanctions take their bit out of the Russian economy. (and it’s working)
    Let Ukraine appear to be the aggrieved but reasonable party.
    Re-equip the army and be ready for the next round.
    Let the occupied areas sink into a economic and political morass.

    Time is on Ukraine’s side.