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2014/09/16 • Featured, Russia

Article by: Daniel Centore & Mat Babiak

Konstantin Dolgov, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, gave a speech on September 13 at the Regional Conference of Russian Compatriots of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in Riga. In his speech, he focused primarily on how the rights of Russian-speakers in the Baltics were being infringed upon, eerily reminiscent of speeches made about Crimea before its occupation. This is the latest indication that Moscow may be planning an invasion into the Baltics in the near future, a move which would likely spark a third World War.

He begins:

The defense of the rights and lawful interests of our compatriots abroad is one of the priority fields of activity of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation – on which we work actively and proactively.

Indeed, by invading Ukraine, annexing Crimea, and funneling weapons to terrorists in Eastern Ukraine.

He continues:

Unfortunately, it is necessary to state that an enormous number of our compatriots abroad, entire segments of the Russian World, continue to encounter serious problems in the context of securing their rights and legal interests. One of the most obvious and vital reasons for this is the unrelenting growth of xenophobic and neo-Nazi tendencies in the world and their consequent, deep penetration into the consciousness of the political establishments in many foreign states […] in particular among the countries of the European Union…

Moscow has continued to perpetuate the myth that “Nazis” and “Fascists” seized power Ukraine as pretext for their military involvement in the country. It appears that they may now be painting Europe with a similar brush, and “expressing concern” over imagined fascism in the Baltic states to provide justification for invasion and in the near future. Legitimizing these concerns, NATO Commander Philip Breedlove said Monday that it will consider stealth and unofficial invasions to be a trigger for war.

The Russian official goes on to claim that the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe supports these assertions:

Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muiznieks agrees with this. He recently published a commentary with the title “Europe Must Fight Against Extremism And Defend Human Rights,” in which he cited the opinions of several independent observers about how the growth of xenophobia in Europe “has reached the level of an early form of far-right terror […] The dramatic development of events in Ukraine clearly attests to the correctness of this thesis.”

On closer inspection, the article cited by Nils Muiznieks actually focuses on persecution of Muslims, and developments of the Russophile far-right in Greece, Hungary, and Serbia. Specific mention is given to Hungary and Greece’s neo-Nazi parties, Jobbik and Golden Dawn. In the case of Jobbik, Russia invited members as observers to enforce the so-called referendum in Crimea. The group has been exposed for its financing from Moscow, while Golden Dawn has also been connected to Russian influence. In relation to these ties, Russia has been described by researcher Anton Shekhovtsov as “building an anti-Western, anti-democratic “Fascist International” right in the EU’s own backyard.”

Maybe Dolgov should have left this report out.

Dolgov then discusses how the Ukrainian Parliament repealed the Law on State Languages in Ukraine, and that this was a massive infringement on Russian-language rights in Ukraine. What he fails to mention, however, is that the Ukrainian constitution already gives extremely liberal rights to all minority languages, Russian included, and that the loss of the law would do nothing to limit the right to use the Russian language. In fact, Russian speakers in Ukraine have greater rights and freedom to speak their minds in Ukraine than they do in Russia, a nation where people are frequently persecuted for speaking against the leadership.

Dolgov continues:

…the European Commission stubbornly maintains its unwillingness to intervene in the situation of the massive violation of the rights of the Russian-speaking population of the countries of the Baltic region under the excuse of a lack of jurisdiction.

We think it is unacceptable to justify marches of former SS legionnaires in Riga, meetings of veterans of the 20th Waffen SS division in Estonia, or ceremonial, with state honors, funerals for legionnaires/Nazi war criminals from the World War II era. […] Elevating Nazi criminals and their collaborators, responsible for the intentional murder of millions of peaceful Europeans, nearly to the status of “freedom fighters” is the peak of cynicism.

Dolgov goes on to lament that Russian-language public schools will be shuttered in Latvia by 2018. However, Russia itself teaches the vast majority of its students in Russian, despite having a very ethnically and linguistically diverse country. Every nation has the right to set domestic policy for publicly funded education and Latvia’s decision does not even begin to provide evidence of a rise in fascism.

Dolgov, the ‘Special Representative for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law,’ has a history of justifying human rights violations in Russia based on shaky premises. He previously classified criticism of Russia’s anti-gay legislation as an international conspiracy, calling it “an attempt to accuse us of violating international obligations that do not exist.” He justified the repressive laws, saying saying that criticism of Russia’s legislation “is absolutely invalid and groundless” because it “aims in part to protect children from harmful information” and that the “promotion of homosexuality could harm them.”

Source: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Source: Robert Coalson (Facebook)

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  • DDJ

    Even on USA TV shows now poor sissy Russia is again the ‘enemy vermin’. lol

    • LorCanada

      Well, Putin did a great job of reversing the trend, so to speak. For decades Russia has been a co-operative member in trade, science exploration, commerce. Even Germany has approximately 600 businesses connected to Russia; London also being known as “Londonburg” due to the numerous Russian investors there. Now Putin comes along and does a LAND GRAB of Crimea which rightfully belongs to Ukraine. He also sends his special forces to infiltrate east Ukraine, overtake public buildings, plunk down the Russian flag, set themselves up as governors, mayors, etc., and claim a separate kingdom WITHIN Ukraine’s territory! Such idiots! Would you still consider Russia (i.e. Putin) as your friend? Think again.

      • Retarded_Russian_Bigot

        Londonograd. They also call it Londonostan because of the Arabs.

        • LorCanada

          Thankee. I made the correction. ;- )

    • RedGA

      US television long ignored anything on this side of the globe. Maidan got some attention but it wasn’t until the little green men popped up in Crimea and then more got lost or vacationed in Eastern Ukraine did the media even give Putin any attention. When you deny you are invading neighbors and you get caught people lose respect for you. Not to mention after MH17 and the spin than came from Moscow on that. Hitting the message boards with copy and paste arguments with broken English and American common names does not help perception either.

  • Brent

    I wonder if all the Putin-pologists out there are starting to understand the dangers of the current Russian government and their ideology…here’s an interesting comment

    “In a 2007 news story, ABC News reported, “In a country that lost more people defeating the Nazis than any other country, there are now an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 neo-Nazis, half of the world’s total”

    So, who still feels we need more “off ramps” and ways for Putin to ‘save face’? It’s time to deal with the problems of his regime now because it will become more difficult and more costly the longer the feckless politicians like Obama, Merkl, Hollande and the rest of the useless leaders we have elected continue to turn a blind eye to the dangers and atrocities of the current Russian government. Start with exposing the dinosaur idealogues like Alexander Dugin, Alexander Prokhanov. Konstantin Malofeev. It’s time to freeze the assets and travel privileges of ALL OF PUTIN’S inner circle. It’s time for Europe to push FIFA to move the 2018 World Cup. It’s time to start recognizing Russia as a country that sponsors terrorism. It’s time to expose the political organizations throughout Europe like Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary who are part of Russia’s “useful idiots”. It’s time to kick Russia out of organizations like the WTO and the G20 and treat them like the pariah state they have become.

    • DDJ

      BS Brent.
      You need to join up and make a real statement son.

      • Brent

        What do you consider to be the BS?

        • RedGA

          It’s his and many other Russians’ denial that they are what they’ve been taught to fear. Their nation and its leadership more closely resembles fascism than any other nation around them. They’ve outstretched their pointing finger so far they cannot even see up close to know they are living in a fascist regime. It really is sad that even in the 21st century that we have a 19th century or earlier mentality of lang grabbing nationalism. It seems lingering DNA from the Mongols and Huns and other barbaric tribes lingers in the mindset of Putin and his leadership. It’s all about some ethnic superiority and redrawing imaginary lines for some false glory. The Allies had to bomb it out of the Germans in 1945. The world may need to do it again 70 years later.

    • Bob

      Its hardly surprising that Russia has a large number of neo-Nazis. Stalin and Hitler were two peas in a pod. Both savage dictatorships, both utilized an ideology of racial superiority (Slavic or Russian superiority in the case of the USSR) and both were highly militarized societies. Whereas the defeat of Germany `cleansed’ this country of the popularity of this ideology, the victory of the USSR in WWII only entrenched this ideology…and we can see its manifestations very clearly in the Russian Federation and in significant numbers of Russian citizens today.

  • Dave Ralph

    Why so much talk about the rights of Russian speakers in Ukraine, but none about the rights of Ukrainian speakers in the Donetsk People’s Republic? I’d like to hear a bit more about how the DNR is going to guarantee the rights of the Ukrainian-speaking minority on their territory.

    • Mat

      they arent, “New Russia” is a monolingual ‘state’, Russian only. Also, the Russian Orthodox Church is the official state religion, so it’ll be like Russian sharia law.

      • Oleksandra Shandra

        There is no official state religion in Russia

        • Retarded_Russian_Bigot

          There is a state union between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Putin system. So it has an un-official, official state religion. Everyone knows this.

          • Oleksandra Shandra

            Nevertheless, there is no state religion in Russia

          • Hektor Uranga

            And that is precisely the problem. Putin does not respect the Law, and acts against the principle of state and church separation. He violates the spirit of the Law, and most Russians say nothing in this regard, including yourself.

          • Oleksandra Shandra

            I am not Russian. I am just pointing out that there is no official state religion in russia.

    • Brent

      Russia has never respected other indigenous languages. Ukraine alone is a great example of the Russification of a sovereign country and how education and government services were forced to be in no other language other than Russian times. This started with the tsars and continued through the Soviet Empire. Putin himself along with his sponsors such as Dugin claim that Ukrainians are nothing more than a subspecies of Russians and not a separate ethnic group. I was born and raised Ukrainian. We have our own different traditions and culture and are not Russians, and never were.

      We keep hearing of the protection of “Russian speakers” even though “ethnic Russians make up no more than 17% of the country. This is part of the Kremlin’s propaganda stream to raise a false issue and sadly very few in the West have keyed in on this propaganda. This would be like Spain claiming to protect the rights of Hispanics in California. Then again, we have groups like Amnesty International and the United Nations who should be standing up to protect the rights of those that are actually being oppressed by Putin’s terrorists in Eastern Ukraine whether it be their language, religious faith or wish to be under Ukrainian rule and not of these supposed ‘watchdogs’ has said anything about the rights of Ukrainians, who make up 58% of both the Donetsk and the Lugansk oblasts. Sadly, it doesn’t pay to be a silent majority because the vocal majority (with guns and heavy weapons and Kremlin backed lies) will stomp all over you.

      • Olga Vojak Huculak Dempski

        Well said Brent! I am behind you 100%.

      • LorCanada

        I quite agree about Amnesty Int’l et al needing to stand up for the oppressed minorities. What comes to mind are the Tatars in Crimea where their places of worship and schools are being shut down by the Russians.

    • LorCanada

      Good point. I hadn’t thought of that until now. Just shows what the Russian propagandists have done by focusing on their own concerns and no one else’s. I’ll bet, as things stand just now, the pro-Ukrainians in the east are keeping silent and dare not speak up, not while the Russians are there.

    • dok

      You don’t hear about the rights of Ukrainians speakers in Donetsk oblast, because they have no rights. They have been killed or kidnapped or tortured. This is ethnic cleansing. The world needs to wake up to what putin is doing. He is ethnically cleansing Crimea of all Ukrainians and Tatars. Putin needs to be charged with war crimes as he is a war criminal. Russia needs to be totally isolated until the people of russia come to their senses and throw putin out.

  • Dave Ralph

    Those European Nazi parties like Jobbik, Front Nationale, Golden Dawn etc. are Putin’s best buddies, so i’m not sure what the Russian Foreign Ministry is complaining about.

    • Mat

      step 1) fund nazi parties in Europe
      step 2) show the world that Nazis now exist in Europe to deflect away attention in Russia
      step 3) profit

      • LorCanada

        Having a so-called ‘enemy’ out there, at home or abroad, justifies Putin’s reign as dictator. Just like the rebels in east Ukraine, take away their guns and the majority of them would be ‘unemployed’.

  • Arctic_Slicer

    “entire segments of the Russian World, continue to encounter serious problems in the context of securing their rights and legal interests.”

    This is very true; there many people being oppressed in the Russian Federation right now and requires the removal of Putin from power to remedy.

  • Anet

    What rights? The situation is that in Latvia a referendum for Russian language to become a national language was held but the nation voted 75% NO!. The situation is that it is really hard to find a job for a person who doesn’t speak RUSSIAN, because many Russian citizens refuse to learn Latvian. Honestly – what rights?
    For us, the young generation, who were born and grew up in Latvia and not USSR this seems ridiculous.
    Stop hiding behind the ”rights” argument, it doesn’t make sense.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Amazing. And I thought the Nazis lost the war.

  • Murf

    With his current track record of apparent success Putin and his cronies will be even harder to stop the next time.
    Contrary to popular belief there is a red line. Most of the participants don’t no it or even know were it is but at some point Putin will miscalculate and cross it, with out even realizing it was there.
    Then there will be hell to pay.
    It would have been so much easier to stop him now. By making the Redline clear and standing by it.
    Thus the price of weak leadership.

  • jack dunster

    In the Putin world, black is white and white is black……

  • Mellow Jessica

    God, what a horrible government the Russians make for, leaving me feeling like UK and USA are comparative bastions of freedom.

    Gah! Useless Russia! We should’ve listened to Patton and joined the Germans to fight Stalin and killed them all.

  • dok

    More lies from a russian swine. Non russians have no rights in Russia. Yet these russian chauvinists demand that russians abroad have special rights. If these Russians living abroad want to live like people do in Russia then let them move and go and live in russia. What this russian swine didn’t mention is that the russians living abroad have more freedoms, such as freedom of speech, than any Russian living in Russia.
    This Russian swine should not have been allowed into Riga to spread more of putin’s fascism and lies.

  • siiimv

    Actually, Russia has been talking about the Baltics infringing the rights of Russians for many-many years. This is nothing new.

  • Retarded_Russian_Bigot

    Of course, Putin should cleanse Russia of Nazis first, as Russia has more Neo-Nazis than any other country on earth. Maybe he should work on lowering the 80% heroin addiction rate first though…. Or the Zimbabwe level corruption. Or the pervasive human rights abuses.
    Oh, who am I kidding, that’s why Russia is in Ukraine to begin with. Russia IS the Nazi nation and the homefront is in such disastrous shape that war is ESSENTIAL, otherwise how can the dictator blame “the West”, for the problems he himself can’t fix, or even causes?

  • Retarded_Russian_Bigot

    Btw….if you don’t like it in Ukraine or Latvia you can get the fuck out and go back to Russia.

  • disqus60

    I think it’s time to seriously consider deporting Russians from lands who are potentially at risk. This is ridiculous.