Parasyuk speaks out on Poroshenko’s Donbas peace plan



2014/09/16 • Politics

Today Poroshenko published a peace plan that is supposed to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and solve the problems in the East. I would not like to disappoint Mr. President, but all his previous truces and previous peace plans are not working. Militants are not stopping their shooting and our boys are forced to shoot it out, and there is not even a hint of peace.

The current actions of the President confirmed two things in which I would really have liked to have been mistaken, but with no such luck.

First: It appears that Poroshenko will not go down in history as a strong President and Hetman of Ukraine. The people are awaiting from him conclusive, strong-minded decisions and a strong steady hand, but instead they get something vague and irritating, behavior that is “neither fish nor fowl.” I do not know what your close environment brings to your ears, but I hear phrases in the streets such as: “That’s not the president we chose” more and more often.

Second: Judging by what Petro Poroshenko is proposing under the guise of a “peace plan” Donbas is being given to Russia, but they are giving it very cleverly, not immediately, but gradually over three years. Of course, Mr. President is afraid of people’s reactions, afraid that we will ask for what we have been fighting for over so many months and for what have so many of our brothers died. And now, elections will be held, Donbas will receive special status, terrorists will get an amnesty and the assurance of the development and use of the Russian language at all levels, everything will be done to totally kill anything that is Ukrainian in Donbas. Then, after three years, all that we’ll have to do is to move the border position and Donbas will organically integrate into Russia.

But, Mr. Poroshenko, there is a caveat. Ukraine is an independent, sovereign and indivisible state with territory that is well defined. It was like that before you, and it is like that now. You are merely our employee with a contract for five years and if you continue to throw such surprises at us, then your five years will not only be your only years of presidency, you also run the risk of not sitting through them to the end.

Who gave you the right to give native Ukrainian land to our enemy? The majority of Ukrainian people decided that Ukraine is a unified and coherent state – therefore, you must work by the sweat of your brow for its unity and integrity, not negotiate with terrorists and not bargain with khuylo. Why should we lose our territory just because you are not able to take decisive decisions and once and for all expel these muscovite remnants from our land?

Why was it necessary to send so many guys under bullets; for what was all this fighting if you had already decided and agreed on everything up above?

In order to win in the East and to bring order in Donbas it is necessary first and foremost to dismiss these scoundrels in uniform headed by Heletey and instead of them appoint several commanders who really were in battles and not just simply posing for the cameras. You must create a single command center so that orders are not confused, are not lost and do not contradict each other. You must properly equip volunteer battalions and give them heavy equipment. These guys know how to and want to protect Ukraine, but going after the enemy tanks with guns means certain death.

And don’t fear that the battalions will go with arms to Kyiv. If you will do your duty as President, no one will go anywhere.

It is necessary to declare a state of war in the two areas, so that our troops can get all the required weapons and as a result fight more effectively. You declare that in a state of war Ukraine cannot count on the assistance of the European Union or on any other country, but we all understand that no one but we, ourselves, will protect us and no one is very eager to help.

Europe is profoundly indifferent to our problems. And there is no need to place the elections as an obstacle to declaring a state of war. You are the President and with your decree can change a lot of things in this country.

Do not be afraid to take on the responsibility, do not be afraid of Russia. It is a country of buffoonery, and peace will quickly return to Donbas and no special status will be needed.

Translated by: Olena Wawryshyn
Edited by: Alya Shandra
Source: Volodymyr Parasyuk’s Facebook page

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  • Rolex44 Tab

    the majority of Novorossiya do not want anything to do with neo nazi Ukraine.

    • Andy

      Euromaidan Press, troll alert on Rolex44 Tab.

      • Rolex44 Tab

        Did I hear a prat squeaking?

    • Brent

      CORRECTION: The majority of Ukraine does not want anything to do with neo Nazi Novorossiya or Putin’s terrorists. Your terrorist hero “Strelkov”/Girkin lamented that he could not raise more than a thousand residents from Donbass to fight Putin’s invented war of protecting “Russian speakers”. The war in Donbass was lost until Putin illegally sent his Russian troops and heavy equipment to fight in Eastern Ukraine. He may have won a battle, but he will never win this war and will never win the hearts and minds of Ukrainians.

      Stooges like yourself are regurgitating Putin’s fabled Novorossyia dream. Have you asked the residents of Eastern and Southern Ukraine what they want? No, you want to take it by force and the barrel of a gun. You want to quash an independent people and refuse to see them as independent of Russia and the neo Soviet empire Putin wants to recreate. Putin has forever alienated Ukrainians against Russia. He will go down in history as the Russian who finally showed Russia for the backward, paranoid Mongol descendant country that it truly is.

      Putin’s legacy will be the returning “Cargo 200” convoy of trucks repatriated all the dead Colorado’s to their crying mothers and widows as well as Russia descending into a chaotic pariah state like North Korea.

      • Rolex44 Tab

        Putin is independent unlike Willy Wonka the president of Ukraine, who has gone begging for money, gas, weapons, soldiers. Obeys every order from the EU, the USA and as seen recently from Russia…Ukraines only successful exports are young girls for marriage or strip clubs.

        • Dirk Smith

          Independent? Putler’s a delusional KGB dwarf who lives in the USSR in his weak mind. Not to mention his philandering with his gymnast to compliment his botox injections. Good choice…….

    • Dirk Smith

      The civilized world looks forward to ‘Maidan Moscow’ next spring.

      • Rolex44 Tab

        The civilized world looks forward to ‘Maidan Washington’ next spring.

    • dok

      Listen you russian troll Rolex. There has never been a free and fair referendum in Ukraine on separation. Putin has never allowed a free and fair vote anywhere because he knows he will lose every time. The people of south and eastern Ukraine do not want to be part of Russia. The people of Mariupol threw the Russian swine out of their city. These are the facts. But then again you Russian trolls and putin are just liars and don’t know what the word truth means.

      • Rolex44 Tab

        Tell me about the neo nazi right sektor and the coup and the illegal elections where only part of the country was allowed to vote and then lets talk.

        • Dirk Smith

          You mean the Yanukovych elections? That was obviously fraud, as is everything muscovite. Yuschenko’s face is proof of that.

      • Rolex44 Tab

        I speak the truth so if you want to call me a troll then thats fine. But you don’t have an independent thought in your head.

        • Dirk Smith

          LOL, you simply parrot the ‘nazi kyiv-junta’ that Stalin started decades ago. You need some new material sovak.

  • Dave Ralph

    I am not sure what Parasiuk is trying to accuse Poroshenko of here. Does Parasiuk want to see Putin’s tanks to rolling into Mariupol, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia? Because there is nothing that Parasiuk and his guys can do to stop those tanks if no peace deal is reached. The president is acting in the interests of Ukraine and he deserves broad support, not undermining.

    • nysq1

      Agree. It’s populism of the worst kind.