Hassidic Jews in Uman collect money for Ukrainian soldiers

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2014/09/15 • War in the Donbas

Hassidic Jews are arriving in Uman for the celebration of the Jewish New Year and a visit to the grave of their spiritual mentor, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Hasidim have already set up charity boxes in Uman and are putting money inside. When mass pilgrimage begins, the number of boxes will increase, reports the Jewish community of Kyiv.

This year it is expected that over thirty thousand pilgrims will arrive in Uman to celebrate the Jewish New Year and visit the grave of their spiritual leader.

Artists from the capital have collected almost 70 thousand UAH for the wounded ATO soldiers.

Activists in Poltava set up an Intellectual Garage Sale and collected 6500 UAH for the needs of the army. Mega Polygraph union volunteers gave two armored cars made out of old SUV’s to the army. Each car was equipped with bulletproof glass, the body was reinforced with several layers of metal and corners, special carcasses, to which they fixed a large-caliber DSK machine gun.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Edited by: Mat Babiak
Source: GordonUA

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  • sandy miller

    Grateful for all their help. I just hope some Russian doesn’t try to done something evil for the celebration.

  • http://euromaidanpress.com Mat

    the only ones who were like that in right sector were the SNA guys who are now in Azov

    Right Sector has always been good at its core

  • http://truthmonger.info/ TRUTHMONGERDOTINFO

    The jews who ordered their buttboy, Obonzo, and the CIA to topple Ukraine’s DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT are now executing the people who voted for him. To make sure the jew-approved candidate stays in power.

    This is how God’s Chosen operates?

    What do you wanna bet America’s jew-owned media twists events around to blame Putin’s soldiers for these murders? How many times did Christ/God slam the jews about what soulless liars they are?

    Watch these videos.