Russia’s “humanitarian” convoy could have unloaded weapons in Krasnodon



2014/09/14 • War in the Donbas

The second Russian “humanitarian” convoy unloaded in Krasnodon in a local factory on its way to Luhansk, according to the head of the NGO Prava Sprava Dmytro Sniehyriov.

“Somehow the fact that the first Russian “humanitarian” convoy unloaded at the “Yunist” factory in Krasnodon, and only after that continued to move further to Luhansk, is glossed over. Then we proved that mortar shells and guns were among the goods with photos and videos. We can already say that the same happens today. It is no coincidence that rumors of an end to the ceasefire after September 13 are spreading among the among the militants in Luhansk, which clearly coincides with the date of the convoy passing,” said Sniehyriov.


Just as the time before, the convoy did not enter under the auspices of the Red Cross, had not been checked neither by this international institution, nor by Ukrainian customs. From the very place of the convoy’s formation in Kamensk-Shahtinsky (Rostov Oblast, Russia), it moved under the protection of militants of the so-called LNR, which points at its hidden agenda of a non- humanitarian character.

Taking into account the observed redeployment of [Russian] troops, an offensive of the militants in the directions of Debaltsevo and Lysychansk should be expected after September 13.

Translated by: Alya Shandra

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  • Alex Ku


    • Andy Clark

      Do you realy think that Russian forces in Ukraine? Article have not evidence, euromaidanpress have not evidence, no one has the evidence. Why do you think that Russia invaded to Ukraine? Because you are a silly zomby! Open your eyes! In title of the article autor written “could”!!! COULD!!! It mean that autor don’t know anything!!! But you believe, you think that it is true!!! Are you zomby?

      • Alex Ku

        The arms I suppose are all a figment of our imaginations as well. Get and take a clue.

      • Jim

        How can there be any doubt about this, given that everyone on all sides agrees that Russian military is in Ukraine. Whether they are on “vacation” or have “resigned temporarily” is mere semantics – a game best left to fools who have time for such nonsense. The fact is that Russian and Chechen troops are in Ukraine, waging war against the legitimate government of that region.

        Anyone who continues to refuse to acknowledge what all sides freely admit has really stuck his head in the sand. You are a deceiver. Stop posting such nonsense.

    • LorCanada


  • Michel Cloarec

    If you have photos and videos. It must be released !
    All the world must be able to see !
    The fights started harder after the first convoy. it will be the same again. The rumours have been going on for more than 5 days.
    Now , there are those manovers in Lyuw ! And signing of agreements on 16/9.
    All my best to Ukrainia ! All must help to stop this madness !

    • Andy Clark

      Photo and video will not be release because they don’t exist.

      • Michel Cloarec

        Maybe you are right ! But, can you tell me what you do with 300 vehicles + 200 last time = 500 . if you load say 20 tons each . You have 1000 tons human help ! Where is this Human help ?
        Can you be polite when you answer !
        facts can be discussed in a sensible manner, which exclude sacarms !

        • Michel Cloarec

          Sorry ! I meant 10000 tons

  • LorCanada

    Well, the Russian military prevented inspection so we have no videos or photos; however, the first convoy did not leave emptyhanded, see:


    According to Lysenko, Russian KAMAZ trucks are being loaded with equipment from the Donetsk Topaz plant, which manufactures modern early warning radar equipment like the “Kolchuga” radar complex, as well as equipment from a plant in Luhansk that manufactures small arms ammunition.

    Lysenko confirmed that a number of the trucks have returned to Russia, but said that the Russian military is preventing Ukrainian border guards at the Izvaryne checkpoint from inspecting them.

    I have the vaguest uneasy feeling that in those returning white trucks perhaps some of the wounded rebels were being transported out of the battle area and perhaps the body bags too of those who died, going back to Russia. Just a thought.