Kremlin “concerned” about wall on Ukrainian border



2014/09/13 • News

Russia is “concerned” about the ecological risks of building a wall on the Ukrainian border and will appeal to the World Wildlife Fund to evaluate the environmental impact of the construction, reports UNIAN, citing Izvestia, September 12.

Mikhail Degtyarev, the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and High Technologies, has prepared an appeal to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia and the World Wildlife Fund to organize an international commission on environmental monitoring and assessment of building walls and other structures on the border between Russia and Ukraine, as decided by Ukrainian authorities, reports Izvestia.

According to Degtyarev, Ukraine’s plans may cause considerable damage to the flora and fauna of five Russian regions bordering the planned large-scale construction.

“Ukraine’s pseudo-leaders do not think about their own people and nature, but we need to think about them. American propaganda can divide the people, but nature cannot be divided. Ecologists must understand what Prime Minister A. Yasteniuk has decided to do in the region of the border, assess the possible damage to the flora and fauna, and then get the whole world to stop this madness,” he announced.

At the direction of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, preliminary work on the installation of artificial barriers on the border between Ukraine and Russia began on September 10. As announced by the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) press center, “plans call for the creation of two defensive borders designed primarily to prevent the enemy’s entry into Ukraine.” The core project encompasses thousands of kilometers of trenches for personnel, armored vehicles and communication lines, more than 4,000 dugouts, and the creation of a 60-kilometer permanent barrier.

Translator’s note: Degtyarov’s previous “science and high technology” projects include a proposed ban on the use or possession of dollars to protect Russians from the dollar “Ponzi scheme,” plans for state-sponsored “cures” for homosexuality, and the proposal to give working women days off during the “critical days” when they are menstruating.

UNIAN, translated by Anna Mostovych


  • George

    ‘Ecological risks..?’ did they consider this when building their own wall through Germany, or their other industrial enterprises in Siberia, and think nothing of 25,000 year + pollution from the atomic bomb tests. What of the Aral sea one of the biggest ecological disasters of all time.
    But to more current issues, reported in this press two days ago ‘Two-thirds of Donbas coal mines have been flooded as a consequence of military action, Ukrainian Ecology Minister Andriy Mokhnik reports to Radio Liberty. According to him, underground waters and all of the potable water in the affected coal basin have been polluted as a result of the flooding.
    The Minister of Ecology accused Russian occupation troops and mercenaries of ruining the environment of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.
    The Russian troops and mercenaries in Donbas are intentionally ruining infrastructure, resulting in catastrophic environmental pollution, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Andriy Mokhnik told Radio Liberty.’
    On one hand russia can do as it pleases but on the other everyone else must obey russia’s rules.

    • Michel Cloarec

      I could not say it better !

    • albertphd

      Excellent commentary! One can also add the April 1986 Chernobyl disaster (for which Ukraine and Belarus are still paying in continued radiation throughout the area and beyond the 30 km NO ENTRY zone)! This disaster was caused by Russian scientists doing a preliminary nuclear TEST in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl?! How incompetent!

      The Russians created one of the worst nuclear disasters in the history of the planet! And one which Mikhail Gorbachev admitted many years later could easily have wiped out ALL OF EUROPE if the concerted efforts of all nations around the area did not immediately take action to cap the active nuclear reactor which was shooting pure radiation into the air for 4 days before Soviet Russia allowed foreign intervention!

      The Soviet Russian authorities tried to cover it up at the time (for up to 4 days we are NOW told!) not allowing the rest of the world to know how devastating and dangerous this nuclear disaster really was? If it was not for Sweden and their demands to know why their radiation levels were so dangerously high, who knows whether Russia would have told anyone?!

      Who can trust any statement or any NEWS Agency whatsoever that comes from Russia or that is pro-Russian?! The Russian Navy pretended to be only vacationing in Crimea in March 2014 under the hospitality of the Ukrainian Black Sea Fleet Agreement (set up by Yanukovych) and in the end took over the entire peninsula! Their dishonest leader, V.V. Putin, said in March 2014 that ‘the little green men’ invading Crimea were not his soldiers! Then, one month later on 21 April 2014, this same President of this “Rogue Front” (RF, aka, Russian Federation) openly admitted to the world that these ‘little green men’ in Crimea were ‘his’ little green men!

      The Kremlin today has lost ALL respect and decency as a political entity! How they can even attempt to show a straight face in UN Assembly meetings indicates how low they have fallen. Honesty is not at all ‘the best policy’ in Putin’s Russia! KGB, and now FSB, tactics of lies, deception, and double-talk (as well as double-think and double-cross!) are the order of the day in Moscow, not only in the Secret Service but thanks to this ex-KGB thug, called Putin, all Russian children, and citizens are clearly taught that dishonesty is better than honesty and that crime DOES pay!

      Today, Russian politicians appear to be nothing more than Putin’s goons, gangsters, and gullible yes-men acting as if the world owed them Ukraine and the rest of East Europe. And how knows, Putin in his left-field politics may very well end up as Tony Montana in “Scar Face” who followed the motto: “The world is yours!” (floating face down in his own swimming pool)?!

      What I would like to see Ukraine do in the near future is to create a military alliance with not only the West, NATO, and the USA but also with China. Imagine that?!

      Imagine if you will, that China would agree to sell advanced military weapons to Ukraine (because it appears no one else is stepping up to the plate?!) in exchange for Ukraine’s excellent quality grain (of which we are told China is continually in need)! Putin would sweat bullets (as they say) not knowing what China would do next?! He may have to send 1/2 of his 700,000 troops to the Eastern borders to protect himself from a possible Chinese incursion. (Already there are an estimated 150,000 Chinese citizens illegally living on the Russian side of the border (which is common knowledge even to Wikipedia!) due to a shortage of ‘lebenstraum’–or, ‘living space’–which was Hitler’s excuse for the invasion of Europe, by the way!).

      Putin in his paranoia that ‘the world is against Russia’ may perhaps live long enough to see his own self-fulfilled prophecy?! Currently, Putin imagines that China is on his side. But China did not support Russia in the UN Security Council vote regarding neither the invasion of Ukraine, nor the Russian downing of the Malaysian Aircraft in the pro-Russian controlled area of the Donbas!

      In point of fact, China does not wish to do anything to upset the USA (or the West) as it stands to profit a lot more trade from the West than even the 30-year gas and oil contract recently signed with Moscow! Putin really does not have China in his corner, as he would like the Kremlin to think.

      For it is obvious to all who can read geography that China (as an over-populated nation) could very well use a good piece of Russia should Putin’s ‘return to past Soviet glory’ fall flat on its face! And China has an active military force of over 2 million soldiers–almost triple that of Russia!

      If I were Putin, I would be more worried about what my neighbors (Eastern Europe and China) might do (as well as the West!), than I would about the ecology of migrant animals! Putin should not forget that although Nazi Germany was in its glory (in 1940) conquering France and other countries, only 5 short years later, Berlin was in shambles. That same fate awaits Moscow should Putin keep pushing his luck!

  • Danny Smith

    All of a sudden they are concerned about environment
    What about their threat to use nukes.. how would that be in keeping with their statement?

  • Ivana Nikulin

    build the wall as high as possible like in China! If I would be any younger, I would personally go there and help to build it!

  • Dean Venture

    This from a country who thought Lake Karachay was a good place to dump nuclear waste, and whose agriculture policies caused the Aral Sea, the world’s fourth largest lake, to dry up.

  • rgb

    Often, Putin and cronies act like clowns in the circus. I get very good laugh at their antics.

  • Boas Adolphi

    Oh there is no end of their fantasy. What a lot of nonsens

  • Mazepa

    Degtyarov’s previous “science and high technology” projects include a proposed ban on the use or possession of dollars to protect Russians from the dollar “Ponzi scheme,” plans for state-sponsored “cures” for homosexuality, and the proposal to give working women days off during the “critical days” when they are menstruating.

    ….just another katzap idiot who is also a confirmed pedophile – just like putin.

  • Dagmar Schatz
  • Sundra Tanakoh

    Yes, invading Ukraine has no impact on human life either. What about all the bugs and birds they have displaced with their shelling over the border?

  • jwz

    But somehow the flora and fauna are unaffected by having russian tanks and anti-aircraft missile carriers driving over them. Next russia will argue all the blood it has spilled across Europe is providing nutrients for the soil.