Herta Müller: Putin makes me sick

2014/09/12 • Analysis & Opinion

Russian subtitles here

German-Romanian Nobel literature laureate Herta Müller doesn’t mince words when talking about Putin:

“His country is so huge – he should build infrastructure and see that his people can have teeth and shoes. That should give him plenty to do so he won’t have to worry about war.”

“And look what the Russians are doing to the poor Ukrainians, how they are destabilising and infiltrating Ukraine, how they are destroying this country with their filthy propaganda and their dirty and hypocritical war. It’s outrageous, and it’s far worse than what we had in our dictatorships back then. It’s a big problem. And how this makes me sick! I always imagine that I’m in their country, I used to live in one like it. I would be there, I would have risked as much as the Ukrainians, already for the third time, in order to live another way… And they are punished atrociously. Only because Putin can’t accept that the Soviet Union is gone. We had it up to here with the Soviet Union! For decades they ruined our lives in all of Eastern Europe. Putin and his secret service should accept that we want no more of that.”

The panel discussion took place at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark.

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  • Murf

    Well said.
    His per capita GDP is in the third world right there with Gabon and he is flushing his economy down the toilet.
    All to protect Russia from a Europe and US that were disbanding their armies.
    He well deserves the shite storm that will come out of this mess of his own creation.

  • sandy miller

    II love you Herta. Thank you for saying it like it is.

  • Conan Edogawa SCL

    Combo Breaker to POOtin.

  • albertphd

    Trust an artist to say it the way it is! To call a spade a spade! But to my way of thinking it perhaps would sound a little more poetic (especially in English) to declare to the entire literary world (that): “Putin makes me puke!”.