Tymchuk: the enemy preparing provocations to disrupt “truce”



2014/09/11 • War in the Donbas

Militants in the Donbas and the Russian military are preparing armed provocations to disrupt the “truce,” says Dmytro Tymchuk.

“According to the Information Resistance data, the Russian terrorist troops are preparing armed provocations to disrupt the ’truce’ announced at the signing of the Minsk Protocol,”  he wrote in Facebook.

“In particular, our data shows that terrorists are planning attacks in Donetsk with MLRS Grad to put blame on the Ukrainian troops,” he said.

“The movement of two MLRS BM-21 ‘Grad’, which can be used as part of this plan, was recorded in the area of Yelenovka,” Tymchuk said.

He stressed: “Since the beginning of the ceasefire the Ukrainian troops observe the truce, opening fire only in case of an attack on their positions.”

“Ukrainian units use exclusively small arms. Artillery (including rockets) and aircraft are not used,” said Tymchuk.

Source: pravda.com.ua, translated by Vlad Stepanov

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  • Mazepa

    The ENTIRE world understand VERY WELL that these mockal monkeys only ‘fight’ while hiding behind the backs of women and children.
    Smert mockalyam.

  • Murf

    The Russians have pulled out most of their troops but probably left a lot behind.
    IF the army is smart they are identifying the locations of AA defences and artillery concentrations.
    When the time is right (right after the rebels declare independence.) the Army unleashes a fire storm. Artillery and SPEC OPS takes out the the radars of the AA.
    The air Force comes in low and jacks up the artillery. At the same time conduct an air assult to cut off the main objective and seize key terrain. Within an hour the line units start rolling hard and fast.
    No more pussy footing around about civilian casualities. The Russians shure as shit don’t and the winner gets to write the history. A rolling barrage with troops following right behind. Shock and Awe Ukraine style. Don’t give them time to recover.
    And for the love of god CONCENTRATE on one area.
    Speed is the key, before the Russians can react. and send in reinforcements.