The Kremlin may prohibit clothing and automobile imports from the EU and US



2014/09/11 • Russia

Alexandr Baklanov

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov entertains the possibility that Russia, in response to the sanctions imposed by Western states, may limit the import of second-hand automobiles and some light industry products, such as clothing, media information agency Russia Today reports this Thursday, September 11.

Andrey Belousov stated that a second response on Russia’s part to the sanctions package will include imported goods on which the Western countries are “more dependent on Russia, than Russia is dependent on them.”

“These include, for example, the import of automobiles, and first and foremost, second-hand automobiles,” the Kremlin official stated. “It also includes some types of light industry products that we can produce ourselves now. Not all, but some types of clothing.” Belousov stated that the list of goods was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Russia may limit the import of the aforementioned goods, just as it did in August with the import of basic goods, such as dairy and meat, from European Union member states, the U.S., Australia, Canada and Norway. Meanwhile, Andrey Belousov emphasized that the new anti-Western sanctions would not harm but rather support producers and consumers in Russia.

The Kremlin hopes that “common sense will prevail” and the Western countries will not impose new sanctions on Russia, and that Russia will not have to employ reciprocal measures.

The European Union might impose new sanctions on Russia on Friday, September 12, diplomatic sources in Brussels earlier confirmed to the media. The new measures are expected to affect state-owned Russian oil producers. The U.S. Presidential Administration also discussed preparations for new sanctions [against Russia].

Source: Snob

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Andrew Kinder

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  • Brent

    These latest Russian sanctions might be funnier than their ill-fated retaliatory sanctions on European food!

    1) They are going to stop the import of Western ‘used’ automobiles. Aren’t a lot of stolen vehicles from Western countries shipped to semi-lawless countries like Russia?
    >in related news, Lada sales will increase exponentially! But the wait time will now be 15 years instead of the standard 10 years.
    >this will harm the average Russian more than the elite and oligarchs, who would never consider ‘buying used’….and new cars aren’t being sanctioned.

    2) they are going to sanction Western clothes.
    >this one has me even moreconfused. I live in the west. I don’t see any Western country labels on 95% of my clothes and mostly they are made in Bangladesh, China and many other 3rd world countries. Is Russia now at “not war” with them too?

    But the best line in this story is “The Kremlin hopes that common sense will prevail”….seriously? Most of us have been waiting for them to understand that too!

    The Kremlin may be really good at ‘hybrid wars’, lying through their teeth, provocative flights of their military, and making their country into international pariahs, but they really kind of suck at retaliatory sanctions…what’s next, they are going to stop imports of vodka and cabbage???

    • Ruffgod

      They won’t care. Russia is the only truly Autarchic planet in the World, that’s why the greedy Masonic banksters want it, but can’t have it.

      • Murf

        Ok is it Zionist bankers, or is it Masonic banksters?
        You paranoid types need to conspiracies straight.

        • Ruffgod

          I say potato, you say patahtoe…
          Zionist is the buffer zone of the Masonic.
          There you go now.

          • Murf

            Yet more layers of conspiracy. I guess the Illuminati control them?
            But who controls them?
            I know; the Boy Scouts.
            They are in a constant battle with the Girl Scouts for total world domination.
            That’s why the Girl Scouts began letting their ultimate weapon, the dreaded THIN MINT (insert dramatic music) be sold off the shelf in grocery stores. to finance their sinister plans.
            It’s all so clear to me now!

          • Ruffgod

            No, it’s not the Girl Scouts.
            Listen to Bob Marley, that may help. 8D

  • Rods

    The simple fact is that the combined GDP’s of the countries applying sanctions is $44 trillion against Russia’s $2.1 trillion. Now if both sides imposed sanctions that knocked $1tn off each other’s economies this would be a 2.2% manageable decline for the West, with many countries still growing at a slower rate, but an almost 50% ruinous collapse for Russia’s economy.

    Putin has made public that he will almost double Moscow’s public servants wages between now and 2018. They have a commitment to rapidly increase their defence spending, have costly military conflicts with their neighbours and increased costs for raising money due to sanctions. With soft oil and gas prices, a declining industrial sector, capital flight rather than inward investment and the Siberian people pressing for retaining more of the earnings from their natural resources to be spent there, declining currency reserves and a dropping Ruble, while having to raid their state pension fund to currently balance the books. The only way the books will balance in following years is to use a Kremlin propaganda calculator instead of a real one! All we need now is details of their new 5 year tractor plan to rescue their agricultural sector and to slow down the current 20-40% inflation in the meat and diary sectors.

    In poker bluffing is good but not when you know that your opponent holds a pair of aces and he knows that you have an off suit 2 and 6.

  • oleh patsyuk

    Let them drive their shity Ladas

  • W8post

    I like the idea of banning ‘western’ clothing/clothes. I rather see (especially the women) wearing the typical clothes as seen on the picture!

    • W8post

      …but were are the fabrics coming from? India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, China. SO? Shouldn’t be a problem!

  • azzzy

    Who are they trying to hurt by banning import of used cars? The Russian mob that steals them in the West??? This is hilarious. :)))))

  • Ruffgod

    Short western automotive and luxury goods. Buy Asian automotive.

  • Hektor Uranga

    Going shirtless like Vova is going to be a rage with Russian men this Fall!