Füle: Russia has created the biggest crisis in Europe since World War II



2014/09/11 • Political News

Russia has created the biggest crisis in Europe since World War II, European Union Commissioner for Expansion and European Neighboring Policies Štefan Füle said at the YES summit in Kyiv on September 11th.

“Russia has created the biggest crisis in Europe since World War II,” said Mr. Füle.

According to him, Ukraine’s choice of a European future is the sovereign choice of the country.

“The EU has opportunities and the will to support the people who make revolutions for a better future,” noted the Commissioner.

He thinks that Maidan did not divide Ukraine, but united it around the pursuit to live better. “It gave a chance for growth of the country’s potential,” emphasized Mr. Füle.

As NBN reported, the annual Yalta summit is being held in Kyiv on September 11-13th, which will involve 350 representatives of political, business and social circles from over 20 countries.

Source: NBNews

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Andrew Kinder


  • Brent

    I’m starting to notice a pattern in the manner of speaking, comments and actions of Western leaders. When they talk to Ukraine, or visit Ukraine, they are very sympathetic about Ukraine’s plight and make a lot of promises.

    When they step out of Ukraine, or it is time to follow up on their promises, there seems to develop a sort of amnesia or lack of action. Most agree that what Russia has done in Europe is the most egregious act since the Third Reich. Yet, so little actual support or sanctions have been enacted. There is a large disconnect between their words and their followup.

    They need to start ‘walking the walk’, and not just ‘talking the talk’. Too many innocent Ukrainians have either died or had their lives massively disrupted and they are being used as pawns in a great game of chess between Putin and the West. We need to see a ‘checkmate’ soon, and less ‘sacrificing’ of pieces.

  • Thomas Ferree

    Good reply Brent. Yes, it’s time for the Western leaders to ‘walk the walk’! I wish to point out that while Maidan did not divide Ukraine, I think that what Russia has done has helped Ukraine find it’s Patriotism! I visit Ukraine often, and I’m here at this time. I’ve never seen so many Ukrainian flags flying everywhere, including automobiles with window flags. Curbs, bridge railings, road median railings, and the corner foundations of many buildings are being painted in the bright ‘Blue and Yellow’ colors of Ukraine, and many citizens are wearing traditional colorful Ukrainian shirts and blouses! Glory to Ukraine!