Ukraine to launch 6 new gas fields

Oil rig in Poltava Oblast (Source: Wikimedia)

Oil rig in Poltava Oblast (Source: Wikimedia) 

2014/09/10 • War in the Donbas

While Gazprom terminated its supplies of Russian gas, Ukraine is to launch 6 new gas deposits for commercial development.

This is stated in the orders of Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry dated September 4, 2014, as reported by UNIAN.

According to the documents, we are talking about the West Starover Gas Condensate Field, Kobzev Gas Condensate Field, Gorobtsiv Gas Condensate Field, Evgeniivsk Gas Condensate Field, Drobishiv Gas Condensate field and Valyuhiv Gas Condensate Field.

All of these deposits are developed by UkrGazVydobuvannya, Ukraine’s largest producer of natural gas.

The documents do not state the expected amount of hydrocarbon production in these deposits.

As reported, UkrGazVydobuvannya’s daily losses of natural gas due to the ongoing military conflict in the Donbas increased by 42% and now are up to 340,000 cubic meters.

UkrGazVydobuvannya reported that the state-owned company suspended the development of the deposit in Schastya, Lugansk Oblast, which resulted in the daily losses of 100,000 cubic meters of natural gas.


Source: Ukrayinska Pravda
Translated by A. Nikitchyuk

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  • Murf

    Excellent news! Every millimeter extracted will be one less UA has to pay Putler.
    More good news, the price of Ural crude has dropped to 98 USD per barrel. If the price goes below 90$ the Russian budget will start hurting.
    He might start missing the 100 odd billion he has wasted in the last year.