Blogger: Russia is already making a movie about heroic rebels, bloody murderers and honest journalists 



2014/09/10 • Russia

The conflict in the east of Ukraine is not over yet and this bloody story has not come to an end, and the Russian propaganda machine is already making a thriller with a very eloquent working title, The Truth. It goes without saying that the topic of the movie is the liberation war of great Novorossiya against the bloody Kyiv junta!

The film, as is already known, will include everything: the brave rebels of Novorossiya, the fair Russian journalists, the murderers from the National Guard, the U.S. mercenaries (how would we have done without them?), the heroic ‘Berkut’ servicemen and fascists from ‘Azov’ battalion… Everything and all at once!

The plot line is simple: the Ukrainian murderers murder honest Russian journalists, and the brave rebels hasten to come to their rescue. During the action, the National Guard will shoot at civilians, torture journalists, humiliate their prisoners and eat three-year-old boys from Slovyansk, raw.

It is notable that the scenario was written within a phenomenally short amount of time, all preparations for the filming has been carried out, the budget has also been issued, and principal photography is currently coming to a close in Kaliningrad oblast. It is notable that it was Kaliningrad oblast in great and flourishing Russia that was best suited as the backdrop of war-torn Donbas. The release is set for November 2014.


And just a little indignation. In July I published a short cycle of articles called Ukraine’s Information Policy, and one of the topics was Cinematography. Cinema, as the most effective element of propaganda in the masses to which the news and documentaries are alien. And I emphasized it as one of the main direction of information attack on Russia.

A little later I found out that one of my readers sent the link to this post to Petro Poroshenko personally, for which I am naturally grateful. But it is a fact: Russia has already launched its propaganda mechanism on the big screen, and very operatively, too, and Ukraine remains completely behind, as usual…

I predict criticism: it’s not the time to make movies. Such shortsightedness makes me indignant. Not the time? Russia is already shooting movies and everyone knows what kind of truth they will see. And this is the space where a certain layer of the public, which cannot be lost, is won back in media space. And if someone doesn’t get it, don’t be surprised if five years later the cinema market will be flooded with anti-Ukrainian products and the airtime filled with appropriate TV series with an audience of millions.

This photo killed me… sorry for the pun. A murdered brave Novorossiya rebel… typically Donbas appearance!

Source: Zloy_Odessit

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • slfheinn

    Russia pumping out propaganda films like old times

  • Arctic_Slicer

    So this movie is to be a Russian remake of the German classic, “Triumph of the Will”?

  • Mykola Potytorsky

    omg, another grade b movie from the fascist nazi film corporation of the ruSSia

  • sandy miller

    Comments don’t help. Making good movies do. I sent my $1,000 to a young group who filmed the maiden fights. It wasn’t great but it was pretty good. However, they had no publicity except among the Ukrainian community who came out but didn’t give any money. If Ukraine doesn’t start understanding how propaganda works they can never win this. They must get the best people. Have anyone in Ukraine who has big american stars like George Clooney….do a movie. Ukraine has got to start. Arctic-slicer get thinking bigger if they want to survive.