The devastating Smerch rocket: What “brotherly” Russia uses to shell Ukraine (VIDEO)



2014/09/09 • Military analysis

Reports from the area of the anti-terrorist operation, have repeatedly been mentioning the “Smerch” Multiple Rocket Launch System (MLRS) by Russian forces in Ukraine. In a report by Human Rights Watch on September 1, observers confirmed finding remnants of 300 mm Smerch rockets and cluster munitions delivered by 220 mm Uragan rockets.

Currently, Ukrainian soldiers say Russian forces are setting up Smerch launch rocket systems in Novoazovsk and aiming them at the city of Mariupol, the capital of the Donetsk region.

Narration in the video:

“This is the Smerch Multiple Rocket Launch System. The most horrific weapon on earth after nuclear weapons. Just in 40 seconds the Smerch can launch all of its 12 rockets. Its 300mm (11.8 inch)-diameter rockets can reach targets up to 90 km (56 miles) away and destroy everything alive in an area of 67 hectares (166 acres).

“The Smerch was adopted by the Soviet Army back in 1987, but even now no [non-nuclear] weapon can equal its destructive power…”

Edited by Mat Babiak & A. Nikitchyuk

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  • Mat Wilson

    Need to stop the madness. Peace is the only option here:

    War is obsolete, time for a permanent ceasefire.

    • Murf

      Contrary to popular myth a unjust peace is not preferable to a just war.

    • C Monk

      So Mat, surrender is the road to peace? How about slavery…would that do?

      • TrueUkrain

        what does this have to do with the original post?
        ur just a prick or a facist that can’t handle the truth, NO YOU WILL NOT INTO EU !!! UR ECONOMY IS WEAK !! HAHA 😀

  • sandy miller

    Mat please tell Russia that. Russia must get out of Ukraine that will stop the madness. What else can Ukraine do except fight for their land? How much should they give up to appease Putin?

    • Andy Clark

      Do you realy think that Russia invaded to Ukraine?

      • TrueUkrain

        must be a very stupid person that so called sandy miller.
        Russia, I repeat. Went to ukraine to protect the native people, that are not ok with the new Regime. The Ukrain facist started a war inside their own country, so russia had to act and helped a little to DEFEND the unarmed people agains the PRO UKRAIN FASICT armed with guns and Explosives!!! you should really open your eyes you absurd person.

        • Artem Suchov

          Russians became a really fascists. So sad.

          There are no fascists in Ukraine!
          Sandy is right

  • rgb

    A shame such great minds have to be used to create such a destructive machine.

    • Arctic_Slicer

      It is. Throughout history the world’s great minds, time and again, have helped in the creation of some of the world’s most dangerous weapons. Towards the end of his life Albert Einstein expressed deep regret for his role helping the USA create the atomic bomb.

      • C Monk

        But that weapon’s use in Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved lives in the final count.

        • Arctic_Slicer

          According to the USA’s own department of war the Japanese would have surrendered unconditionally even if the atomic bomb had not been dropped, Russia never entered the war and if a land invasion had never been planned or contemplated. Japan was already defeated at that point; dropping the bomb was unnecessary and even opposed by top USA general such as Dwight Eisenhower.

          • Happycrow

            Arctic Slicer needs to learn some history. The Japanese were *not* prepared to surrender, were preparing militia armed with nothing but bamboo spears for the purpose, and had discovered the intended US landing site, intending to turn it into a charnel-house.

          • Arctic_Slicer

            “The Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.” — Dwight Eisenhower

          • Happycrow

            Okay. Yes, if you’re a casual student of history you’ll be mislead by that and a number of other postwar statements. People sort of got horrified a year or two after the war, and started addressing the issue MUCH differently than they did in 45. In 45 it was thought of as simply one weapon among many — more casualties (a LOT more) were actually being inflicted through fire-bombing. So you need to take Einstein, Eisenhower, and a lot of those guys with a grain of salt. The only ones of the lot who were really and truly worried about it were Szilard and Oppenheimer.

          • Arctic_Slicer

            “Based on a detailed investigation of all the facts, and supported by
            the testimony of the surviving Japanese leaders involved, it is the
            Survey’s opinion that certainly prior to 31 December 1945, and in all
            probability prior to 1 November 1945, Japan would have surrendered even
            if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered
            the war, and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated.” — USA Department of War Strategic Bombing Survey for the Pacific Theater established by Secretary of War Henry Stimson and began on November 3rd, 1944 with the results published July 1st, 1946

          • Happycrow

            Yes, the Stimson report chooses to take the Japanese military testimony at face value. However, that’s nonsense — as any Chinese or Korean of the day could tell you, Japan decided their out was to play the victim card, and to KEEP playing the victim card. Japanese military archives paint a very different picture.

            This is too big a debate for this venue and well off the Smerch topic, but thanks for keeping it evidentiary rather than personal. Hit me up any time if you want to discuss, debate, or argue. :)


        • TrueUkrain

          you really are stupid. The Atombomb is a Massdestruction weapon, or a cheat if you can call it that. America “won” nothing it is still the most shamefull country in the world. claiming libaration over nations and countries. THe only true saviour of the WW2 was Russia and little bit Britain.

  • Jacks Channel


    • TrueUkrain

      you could roughly translate it to “DEATH”

  • L Garou

    You do know that thanks to the WWW, the jig is up?
    Well, it is.