Is Putin winner or loser?



2014/09/09 • Analysis & Opinion

By: Boris Nemtsov*

The propaganda machine is bending over backwards to prove that Putin has triumphed over everyone and stooped everyone. He has lined up both the West and Ukraine, as well as Russia. There’re many who believe this…

But if one were to examine the “national leader’s” accomplishment carefully, it will turn out that he … had lost everything. Total loser! Just see for yourself.

1. He wanted Ukraine to remain a non-block country, neutral and friendly towards Russia. As a result, Ukraine is dying to join NATO. Joint exercises with the NATO members’ militaries are taking place in the country. Moreover, Kyiv has announced upcoming supplies of Western arms for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

2. He wanted to weaken the North Atlantic alliance. As a result, NATO is building up reinforcement and Western countries are increasing their defense budgets.

3. He wanted to force a wedge between Europe and America. As a result, the Western nations have consolidated in the face of Putin’s aggression. They’ve synchronized the adoption of sanctions and are acting in concert.

4. He wanted to strengthen the disconnect between Ukraine’s eastern and western regions. As a result, a politically united nation has emerged (save for parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts). For the first time since the country’s independence, presidential candidate Poroshenko won in every region of the country, without exceptions. Prior to Putin’s intervention, Ukraine’s west voted for one candidate, while Ukraine’s east voted for another. (E.g., in 2010, the west voted for Tymoshenko and the east for Yanukovych; in 2004-2005, the west voted for Yushchenko and the east for Yanukovych).

5. He wanted Ukraine to join the Customs Union. As a result, this will never happen. Ukraine has signed an Association Agreement with the EU and is striving for European integration.

6. He wanted to create a puppet state of New Russia covering the territory from Donetsk to Odesa. As a result, he is in control of small parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. More than 3,000 people, both Russians and Ukrainians, have been killed.

7. He wanted to strengthen his influence in the world. As a result, he became a pariah, and the country is subjected to sanctions.

8. He wanted to punish the West with food sanctions. As a result, he punished the Russian people. Food prices have gone up (up to 40% for meat, up to 20% for milk), while dropping in the West.

9. He wanted to have a loyal regime a la Yanukovych in Kyiv. He got a 100% anti-Putin government.

10. He wanted the Ukrainian people to respect him. He got Putin-you-know-who!

11. He wanted the expansion of the Eurasian Union. As a result, the European Union has expanded. Since Putin’s coming to power, 13 new states have joined the EU (for a total of 28 members), whereas no one joined Putin’s union. Even Kazakhstan is starting to think about getting emancipated and rejecting the care of Putin’s Russia.

So: Winner or loser?

Source: Echo Moskvy, translated by Olga Ruda

* Boris Nemtsov is an opposition Russian politician, co-chair of Republican Party of Russia-Party of People’s Freedom, and member of Solidarity movement

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  • Arctic_Slicer

    With the Russian government no longer able to hide the fact that large numbers of Russian servicemen have been captured, killed, wounded or missing in Ukraine; Putin even lose the support of the Russian people and eventually his seat of power.

  • evanlarkspur

    It’s great to see it clearly enumerated like this, but we all knew Putin is a loser already :)

  • Shega Dragan

    the last … he will lose war … the same as he lost Milosevic/Serbian military campaign on Kosovo and then NATO bombarding of Serbia … How many high educated Russians left Russia forever? I know hundreds … in Czech Republic is thousants..

  • OlegMR

    If this were over, I would agree that Putin (and, because of him, Russia) is the loser.

    I fear this is far from over, however.

  • Conan Edogawa SCL

    Echo Moskvy left something behind:

    11. Kremlin/Gazprom-funded & state-owned media/propaganda machine accused Ukraine of being dominated by “Banderite Nazi-Fascists”. However, the only Nazis we have seen are those Neo-Nazi Russian citizens fighting along RuSSian mercenaries in Ukraine. Also, we have seen massive evidence of RuSSian citizens supporting a new wave of RuSSian Nazi-Fascism and their project of RuSSian Lebensraum in Europe.

  • Marcelo Rosa Melo

    Putin is a loser, because Russia is becoming an isolated country. Russian oligarchs will be very angry and will force Putin to withdraw from Russia power.

  • Sundra Tanakoh

    Putin has always been a loser, it just took time for people to actually pay attention to his antics to realize this. Only the deaf dumb and blind follow him. He only looked good for a moment when western leaders faltered, but in reality he runs a Third World Shit-Hole country and his days are numbered.