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2014/09/09 • Analysis & Opinion

Please read the following carefully, as it is very important that each of us participate in the development of this action plan. Our initiatives group has formulated the following action items:

1. We start from the assumption that enlightened citizens agree with us on the following points:

a) It is futile to expect decisive action from the government. We hold our fate in our own hands;

b) The Kremlin’s aggression will neither stop with Donetsk nor with Luhansk. It is only a matter of time before it gets worse; while we occupy ourselves with painting and picketing, they will be busy infiltrating our country with their agents. Slowly but surely they will liquidate our soldiers and annex our territory. Time is running out.

c) We are convinced that the world community has shown the extent of its willingness to act, an indecisive position that stops at economic sanctions. Our own response must be to mobilize the entire society so as to be prepared to make a military defence by ourselves.

2. In our estimation, the government is unfortunately more worried about their own jobs than they are about the people in the East. Semen Semenchenko, Commander of Battalion Donbas, has already spoken on this point.
We have witnessed this attitude in the difficulties that bureaucrats have created against the timely distribution of military supplies such as ammunition; their refusal to declare a state of war, and by not suspending diplomatic relations with the aggressor nation.

Worse still is its refusal to provide heavy military equipment to the fighting forces; in the event of a massive breach of defenses, that same type of equipment will be used by the enemy against the civilian population of central and eastern Ukraine.

These are only a few examples among others of blatant treason by the general staff of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO).

3. We understand that for some people the war is beneficial to them, just as to others their family is most important. It is unconscionable that while the best blood of our nation is being spilled through the bombardment of Russian grad missiles, the oligarchs are jockeying among their clans for the most lucrative spheres of influence.

The reality is that our government has merely provided our soldiers with legal recognition and small arms. Everything else is being provided by volunteers. The question then becomes, why do we need such a government, especially those self-serving functionaries who have been sabotaging all the efforts of the highest levels of government.

HOWEVER, we are not advocating a new revolutionary overthrow of government! Our intention is to be prepared against the very real possibility of betrayal by the oligarchs. In such a scenario, we must take care of those of our families, our brothers and sisters who are at the front lines.

With this in mind, we present the following plan of action:

1. The organization of a protest committee in every city and town, capable of quickly and orderly arranging for the transport of large groups of people to Kyiv as a means of pressuring the government;

2. Based on the earlier successful model of the Maidan self-defense forces, Pravyi Sektor, or a similar organization, must be in charge of self-defense and order, including the provision of weapons. There has been much talk about the Swiss military model to be implemented in Ukraine, basically one person, one weapon;

3. Establish battalions for the purpose of home defense. They would come under the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, formed locally by each oblast administration. Such battalions could easily be mandated;

4. The system of civilian defense for the most part has not been working. The goal must be the practical safety of the population. Their job is to communicate with people on what needs to be done under various situations of danger. Ideally, such communication includes procedures for reaching bomb shelters, and being vigilant in these matters. That is the only way to avoid the chaos of the moment of crisis.

5. Volunteers who are providing supplies for the front should also provide services in the rear areas as well. Local businesses will then realize the extent of austerity measures required.

6. Establish liason centres between the community and the military, to facilitate the coordination of volunteers who are protecting the community.

7. It is the responsibility of the local government to make buildings and facilities available for these purposes. If there is resistance it might mean that there are enemy collaborators in the government.

P.S. Currently on Ukrainian television, the same misinformation that is found on Russian television is now creeping into their programming. For example, there are fears that the Russians are planning to disrupt our elections. This is a distraction. We already know that we can only depend on ourselves. My intention is to avoid more panic, to defuse a panicked response, and in fact to develop a resource that can be used immediately in the event of overt treason.

Our nation will only be rescued if the people take matters into their hands.

Source: Vkontakte

Translated by Jeffrey Stephaniuk

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  • Daniel Joseph Cady

    get some advisers from Vietnam they knowhow to kik some empire ass !

  • Murf

    One thing tht is most definitely true is that Ukraine must look to it’s own self for it’s defence. UA has a broad based industrial economy. Your military is only lacking a few key weapons in order improve their performance.
    The Air Force needs Electronic Counter Measure pods (Radar jammers basicly a broad radio in a can) and Anti-radar missiles, The Army needs encrypted radios and better fire control for the artillery. Which boils down to a lot of hand held GPSs that can dramatically improve the accuracy and response time for indirect fire.
    Also some drones for reconnaissance. A group of volunteers had one built inside of three months.
    If Ukraine can build ICBMs and launch satellites they should be able to produce thees items.
    After all it’s not rocket science.
    That and you still need to seriously over haul the bureaucracy.

    • Kruton

      JDAM kits,IEDs,infiltration sabotage teams.

      • Murf

        Ukraine is going to have to realize they have roughly the same situation as Israel. They are in close proximity to powerful enemies and they can not depend 100% on their supporters to help them in a time of crisis.
        Like Israel they need to develop this defence technology and industries to meet their needs.
        Unlike Israel they already have a well developed industrial and high tech base to build on.
        Unlike israel Ukraine’s enemy is far more formidable than a bunch of half assed arab armies. But at least Ukraine has more mauver room.
        Quit calling for the west to supply weapons it’s long wait for a train that won’t come. Clean out the ossified Ministry of Defence and start developing your own.

        • Kruton

          Agreed but Israel gets weapons and technology from the U.S. so should they. The main thing is to build an Army and air force.

          • Murf

            Isreal gets a lot of tech from us now. In the early days however they bought what ever crap they could get a hold of and up graded it. A great example is the M-4 Sherman. They put in a new engine and a main gun. Then sent it into battle against the latest T-55 and won.
            In the 50-60s France was their biggest supplier The modified the Mirage jet and called it the kifer. by many accounts it was fr better then the original with better avionics and more powerful engine (made in the US) At this time they also developed the revolutionary UZI.
            Ukraine needs to develop that sort of innovative adaptability. Unlike Israel they have a very well developed industrial base.
            But they can not count on the west to come to the rescue. Putin’s economic “soft” power is going to trump their underdog status.
            Develop it t home and it will always be available.