Ukrainian refugees in Russia refuse to go to Siberia and Yakutia 



2014/09/07 • Russia

People view the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine as a sign of stabilization 

Ukrainians that ended up in Rostov oblast of the Russian Federation because of the conflict in Donbas are refusing offers made by the Russian government to go to other Russian regions.

According to the local government and volunteers, the forced migrants consider the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine a sign of stabilization.

“The refugees are offered to go to Siberia and even Yakutia. They understand that if they go further today, it will be much more difficult for them to return,” say the volunteers.

The government of Rostov oblast decided to send the forced migrants to other regions of Russia on transit, without stopping.

Earlier, 150 refugees from Donbas who had initially agreed to set off for other Russian regions decided to stay in Rostov oblast.

Source: TSN

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • rgb

    Good for those people to refuse to be sent to the out skirts of Russia. From another article it is only a one way ticket then you are left on your own with no way to return. Shame on Putin for the wreckage he has created on peoples lives.

  • Brent

    Ask the Crimean Tatars how long it takes to return from a forced Russian migration

  • Marco

    you wanted to Russia? welcome to Russia!!!!!!!

  • jack dunster

    will they go by cattle-car – like my wife’s grand-parents? Google map shows that their camp still exists too – all it needs is a good sweeping out, and some windows fixed.. The forest has grown back so plenty of work there and the road needs some repair too.. Just consider it as ‘camping out’ – you know.. a ‘holiday’

  • Tom Von Hommel

    Its true. But if Dictator Putin continues to “turn the clock back” then in a year or two, the camps can be refilled with “dissidents” and “people under western influence” and the refugees maybe can get a job as campguards….