Dutch translator harshly declined to receive an award from Putin’s hands

Amsterdam, Hans Boland


2014/09/07 • Russia

Hans Boland was invited to a ceremony in the Kremlin 

Dutch translator Hans Boland, who translated the creations of Pushkin, Akhmatova and Dostoyevsky, declined to receive a prestigious award from the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Boland was awarded the Pushkin Prize on August 26 and invited to the ceremony in the Kremlin. However, he declined the invitation, as he does not want his name tied with the Russian President in any way, writes Nova Gazeta.

The letter of declination, given to the cultural attaché in the Russian Embassy, Fyodor Voronin, was posted online by the translator.

“I would accept the honor given to me with great gratitude, if not for your President, whose behavior and way of thinking I look down upon. God be willing for his ‘ideals’ to be destroyed completely in the nearest future. Any ties between him and myself, his name and Pushkin’s name are disgusting and unacceptable to me,” wrote Boland.


Source: TSN

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


  • rgb

    Bravo Hans Boland, Bravo! It is good to see a man with prestige slap Putin in the face in such a straight forward and elegant way. Bravo

  • Jim Schreiber

    Good man.

  • http://www.egyptiansidekick.com/ Milosz Zak

    Such integrity – the Dutch have always held themselves to the highest cultural and civilizational standards!

    • Arctic_Slicer

      Before the downing of MH17 the Netherlands was one of the biggest opponents of tougher sanctions of Russia; it took the murder of almost 200 of their citizens before they started taking the Russian threat seriously.

  • Brent

    I wish Europe’s leaders like Frau Merkl, Comrade Hollande, Viktor Orban. and all the Putinpologists and appeasers would learn some ethics from the honorable Hans Boland

  • Dean Venture

    The US, Germany, and France could really stand to take a few lessons in values from the Netherlands, Poland, and the Baltic states. Isn’t it sad how the smaller countries seem ready to stand up for what is right, while the big ones hedge their bets and dither on. I know nobody wants to get involved in a war, but they can at least give the Ukraine the tools and weapons they need to defend themselves.

  • Janusz

    Boland, thank you and congratulations. I’m not Ukrainian but Polish and we here are closer and can see that Ukraine is very lonely. Sometimes I have impression that only Poland is trying to help somehow and big guys like Obama, Merkel or Holland can only talk. And we’re punished by Putin in every possible way since long time (our food export is banned since months and such actions are regular since many years, we pay highest oil & gas price in EU, etc).
    Good that there are still such people there that openly express their disapproval for murdering people and devastating the country.