No special status for the Donbas “republics” – Taruta



2014/09/07 • News

Donetsk Oblast Governor Serhiy Taruta is convinced that the Abkhazia or Transnistria break-away states are not acceptable models for Ukraine.

Under no circumstances can Ukraine accept to recognize any statehood for the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) or to give them any special status in the country, Taruta said  during a recent  interview with Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (September 12 issue).

“The overall territory of the DNR and LNR represents no more than 25% of the territory of the Donbas. What kind of state is this? What is there to talk about? How could it even survive?” he said.

Furthermore, the liberated cities of the Donbas do not need any DNR or any Novorossiya, Taruta said. Mariupol is a good example, since “people have made their choice. They are coming out to demonstrations and preparing for battle. The country must prepare for battle. No one will give up these territories without a fight. Everyone will have to fight — the residents of Mariupol and the Ukrainian army,” he said.

Taruta said he is confident Mariupol would be able to repel an attack


Governor Serhiy Taruta

“Truth is on our side. We have to win. Perhaps all this will drag on. Certainly we will suffer more than anyone else. But the Abkhazia or Transnistria option will never work here. There is a line before the military recruitment office in Mariupol. It’s not always the number of tanks and troops that guarantees victory. I think they understand that on the other side as well. Besides, an endless war will affect not only Ukraine,” he said.

“There are enough resources in the city — patriotic, human, military-technical —  to repel an attack,” Taruta said, adding that  both soldiers and steel industry workers are taking care of installing defenses for the city.

“We are going through a tragic time. It is important not to panic but to calmly and honestly learn from the mistakes that have been made,” he concluded.

As previously reported, on August 24, regular military units of the armed forces of the Russian Federation invaded Ukrainian territory, seizing the town of Novoazovsk, 20 km east of Mariupol. The Russian occupiers said Mariupol would be their next target.

Sources:,, translated by Anna Mostovych

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  • rgb

    Nice inspirational speech. Please, try to keep optimistic in these tragic times, though it is understood how hard it is when being fired upon. Continue to honor your country and hold your head up with pride.
    Putin lacks the insight to see that Ukraine is uniting stronger due to his actions. Ukraine is setting precedent for other sovereign countries, the world is watching and sending prayers your way.

  • Jacks Channel

    Okay. So since there are no threats to Russian speakers anywhere in eastern Ukraine, what is Putin doing this for again? I notice they keep changing the reasons for fighting.

    I actually know all the reasons , but none of them are good enough for a war against Ukraine.

    • sandy miller

      what are the reasons….a route to crimea….?

  • Jacob Schønberg

    It is important to keep negotiating with the separatists because during discussions much can be learned on both sides. The time without fight is very good for Ukraine. Do NOT discurage the separatists now. Ukraine must also win politically and economically. Ukraine have the goodwill from the whole world – use it well! Важливо тримати переговори з сепаратистами, бо в ході обговорення можна багато чого довідатися з обох сторін. Час без бою дуже добре для України. НЕ discurage сепаратистів зараз. Україна також повинна виграти політично і економічно. Україна має добру волю з усього світу – правильно його використовувати!