Statement by Semen Semenchenko regarding the ceasefire announced on September 5, 2014



2014/09/05 • War in the Donbas

Following the ceasefire agreement reached between Ukrainian President Poroshenko and the leaders of the self-proclaimed “republics” in Donbas after negotiations in Minsk on September 5, many concerns were voiced in society: the last ceasefire was not observed from the side of the Russian-backed terrorists in Donbas, taking the lives of 27 Ukrainian servicemen. Commander of the Donbas battalion Semen Semenchenko addressed Ukrainians regarding the ceasefire, urging for them to take an active part in building a strong Ukraine.

I, along with you, have just found out about the ceasefire agreement.  And I am asking myself a lot of questions.  What will happen next?  Will the ceasefire be respected?  Will Putin stop at this point, or will Russian forces continue to advance.  What will happen in the autumn?  What about the winter?  Will there be an attempt to occupy more territory after the next round of economic difficulties?  Will we acquiesce with a defeat?  Will Ukraine be without the Donbas a strong and prosperous country?

In reality, these questions have no merit.  It’s absolutely not important.

But it is very important to know what we want.  Our position is important.  Because how we decide so it will be.  If we decide that Ukraine will be a strong independent country, then we should now end the hysterics and looking for answers in coffee grounds.  We know what needs to be done.

Let’s use this break.  If you want to be useful for the army, to be useful for a strong Ukraine, join a fitness centre, lift weights, learn to shoot, take a paramedic course.  Women should start to prepare clothing for the army for the autumn and winter period.  Our work is cut out for us.  Even just keep your fingers busy.

Just don’t sit around waiting for something to happen, watching your TV nervously.  Don’t be an observer, especially since we expect to see an entertaining political show in the next while, unfortunately.  Don’t be observers, and then everything will depend on us.  We must be participants.  And then Ukraine will win.  Slava Ukraini!

Semen Semenchenko is the nom de guerre of a Ukrainian citizen and native of Donetsk. He is the founder of the Donbas Battalion, an autonomous volunteer battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, based in Donetsk.

Translated by Myron Spolsky


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  • Jacks Channel

    Good advice.

  • LorCanada

    Hearing President Poroshenko on the news today he sounded very hopeful about his 12 point plan being implemented with success since it addresses the needs and demands of east Ukraine. Here’s hoping for the best!

    • Amoun

      Poroshenko does not have a plan, he a is a puppet
      He was instated by Washington, which tells him what to do. When the whole world was begging him to stop bombing his people, Obama said “no, keep going” and he listened like a good puppet he is.
      The only reason he agreed to the ceasefire is because he can not suppress people in the east any longer and they finally had enough and are pushing back. He crapped his pants and started running around asking his bully-buddies for help and money, which they are not giving him because this whole thing blew way out of proportion of what they originally planned.

      I can GUARANTEE you that what is going to happen, is that soon as he manages to gather enough funds or weapons again and his people are thirsty for blood all over, there be an “attack” at some Ukrainian strong hold, by “the Russians” or “Russian army” will be “spotted” again “crossing the border” (images of which we, of course, will never see) and he will say “Oh! There is nothing for us to do but attack! but oh my, how convenient, now we have backup to suppress the suppressed people some more”.

      • Jacob Schønberg

        Porochenko is a kind and honest leader, he keeps hoping that the separatists will honor the contract , but they never did that before. Beside Ukraine sovereignty is guaranteed by Russia, USA GB. The Russian troops are returning from their holliday, but they dont take their weapons with them , and new Russian troops take their place. Putin does not abide to the contract. Porochenko was elected by a huge majority, and you are NOT honest Amoun