Russia ready to open second front near Odesa



2014/09/05 • Russia

Photo: army parade in Trans-Dniester Republic (Reuters)

Russia plans to open a second front against Ukraine near Odesa. For this purpose, the Kremlin is drawing up plans for attacks from the so-called “Trans-Dniester Republic”, a region of Moldova that was captured and occupied by local separatists and Russian forces in 1992.

This information was reported to the Moldovan newspaper “Ziarul de Garda” by retired Lieutenant Colonel, Anatol Karaman, president of the Association of Dniester War Veterans “Tiras-Tighina”.

I recently received information from reliable sources that all Russian military equipment in the Trans-Dniester Republic has been urgently relocated to the south of the Slobodzeya District, located on the border with Ukraine.” said the officer “Russia is conducting training exercises in that zone in view of opening a second front towards Odesa.”

According to Karaman, there are now about 20,000 well-armed Russian servicemen in the Trans-Dniester Republic. All of them have been trained for combat operations in the field and in urban areas.

It should be noted that recently pro-Russian sentiment, sponsored and encouraged by Russia, has grown significantly in the republic. A few months ago, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitriy Rogozin, flew to the Trans-Dniester Republic, where local residents handed him a list with a few thousand signatures of people wishing to annex the republic to Russia. A scandal broke out when Rogozin’s aircraft was not allowed to enter Ukrainian or Romanian airspace on the way back; in the end, his plane had to land at Chisinau Airport (Moldova), where all the lists with signatures were confiscated by the Moldovan security services.

Despite the alarming news from the Trans-Dniester Republic, the situation in bordering Odesa oblast in Ukraine remains calm. After the tragic events of May 2 in Odesa, where dozens of local pro-Russian separatists were burnt alive in the local House of Trade Unions, not one supporter of “Russkiy Mir” (Russian World) has dared to organize major anti-Ukrainian actions in the city.

Source:,  translated by Christine Chraibi

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  • Anna Palagina

    Moldova and Ukraine must blockade PMR. Russia has no access to there apart from territory of Ukraine and airspace of ukraine and moldova. at least this can be done without chatter-blatter.

    • Arctic_Slicer

      Sometime in the near future; Ukraine should be more active in helping Moldova reclaim it’s territorial integrity from Russia; allowing Russia to occupy that land the Western border is a threat to national security.

    • robintel

      The situation in Transnistria could not have been resolved with the pro-Russian Ukraine you had prior to Euromaidan Revolution.

      I hope you will fix that.

  • Kruton

    These countries need to unite,or else be picked off one by one.

  • Edwin Zeng

    And not forgetting that NATO and others are having an exercise in western Ukraine. It could be possible for Russia to invade Ukraine from Transnistria and then engage those NATO forces while on exercise.

    • Lilia Horodysky Kovalenko

      I totally forgot about Transnistria…20,000 troops there? Oh my goodness! [smacking my forehead with my palm] This is REALLY not a good situation. I don’t know how Odesa is going to sway. One day, they say they’re Russian and the next they’re Ukrainian. Oh, I wish my husband was here to explain to me what the mayor is saying now.

  • C_Low

    Moldova & Georgia should use this opportunity of Russian overreach to regain their stolen territory. Russia has very limited resources and having to fight major combat at three fields at the same time will stretch the Russian military past the breaking point.

    If not now when will those nations every have another chance to regain their territories or at least help stop the bear before he again turns his sites back to them for another piece of flesh.

  • Amoun

    You know what’s interesting….with the whole thing…
    Is the the people, really quickly forgot who started the conflict and who is killing their citizens and where the ones who survive, run to.
    People quickly forgot what US started the whole issue, that they oversaw it, participated in it, funded it and are nudging it on while blaming Russia.
    What else I find sad, is that Ukrainians are lied to, by their own gov’t, while it’s robbing them and is killing their brothers and sisters. But what I find most disappointing, is that they became so evil, that anyone who questions any move Ukrainian army makes, Ukrainians who support the move, foam at the mouth. I have never witnessed so much anger from a nation, other than the jihadists.

    • Dirk Smith


      • Amoun

        You have been brainwashed well.
        I wish you luck when you cant afford basic needs. Good luck.

        • Bohdan Wynnycky

          No it is you who is brainwashed. The US had little to nothing to do with the revolution that overthrew Yanukovych.

  • Dirk Smith

    The muscovites under Napoleon Putler are now at the level of ISIS in the worldview. Count on ‘Maidan Moscow’ next spring.