Ukraine’s MFA asks supporters to appeal for help against Russia

2014/09/04 • News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is appealing to supporters who have Facebook accounts to write about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in their social networks and to appeal to world leaders who are meeting today at the two-day NATO summit to help stop Kremlin’s armed attack on the Donbas.

“Friends, today a historical NATO summit has begun. We all understand what we expect of our partners. Let us together remind the whole world about it. We ask you to actively post today in Facebook and Twitter the hashtag #StopRussianAggression,” states the MFA appeal posted on its Facebook.

Meeting at the NATO summit in Newport Wales, September 4-5, are the 28 member countries of the alliance. Representatives of the European Union and the UN also will be present. The Ukrainian delegation is headed by President Petro Poroshenko.  Ukraine and the future of the NATO alliance are at the top of the agenda.


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  • Lilia Horodysky Kovalenko

    I’ve just tweeted to support Ukraine’s independence from Russian aggression. But I’m also supporting my husband and his army squad [so far, it looks like I’m the only foreigner with a Ukrainian husband in the army]. Please join me to help “Viktor’s Squad” with military supplies. For more information, visit

    • Dirk Smith

      I will be donating soon in the battle against muscovite fascism.

      • Lilia Horodysky Kovalenko

        Thank you Dirk…you should have heard my husband’s voice when they got their first shipment of helmets. It was like it was his birthday or something. He’s deeply grateful for all of the donations coming in, no matter how small. Everything counts for him and his squad, like gold.

  • Rolex44 Tab

    I’m all for Independence for Novorossiya!

    • JT

      Novorossiya doesn’t exist, and never truly existed. It was an attempt by the tsarist Russia to rebrand Ukraine, to deny Ukrainians our identity, nothing more. It will not be allowed to exist.