Hitler for schoolchildren: outrage over Russian school diaries portraying leader of Third Reich



2014/09/04 • Russia

Photo: portrait of Hitler placed just above the columns for Grade and Teacher’s Signature

Parents judge brief biography of Adolf Hitler printed in school diaries as inappropriate

One variant of the school diary sparked outrage amongst Ekaterinburg parents. The header above the lined part usually presents information about various people whose names have gone down in history. However, the image and biography of Adolf Hitler were perceived ambiguously. The stern face of the notorious villain of the century was placed directly over the columns reserved for Grade and Teacher’s Signature.

“Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) – as written in the explanatory note – was the founder of National Socialism and the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, leader (Führer) of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and Chancellor of Germany (1934-1945). Chief proponent of the Second World War, Hitler is associated with numerous crimes against humanity instigated by the Nazi regime, including German citizens, people in occupied territories and the Holocaust.”

This Russian school diary (A5 format, 48 pages) was printed at a subsidiary of the Smolensk Printing Company.

We got in touch with the printing company to understand their position.

“We print what the publisher gives us, according to the contract… even if we don’t like it. In this case, the client is the publishing house “Vyshaya Shkola” (High School).” stated the company spokesperson.

The publishing house has not responded to our question of why Hitler was pictured in Russian school diaries. According to their advertising slogan, this company publishes every third book in Russia.


Page of Russian school diary

Source: www.e1.ru ,translated by Christine Chraibi

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  • Anna Palagina

    yeah, well. Of course it is innapropriate – it takes up the rightful place of czar vladimir

    • Amoun

      You meant Poroshenko?

      • Dirk Smith

        Poroshenko was elected by UKRAINIANS; not by Moscow like Putins’s butt-buddy Yanu.

        • Amoun

          Really? Last time I checked Poroshenko was instated by Washington and was congratulated by Obama even before the elects (unless Obama can see the future, it looks rather sceptical.

          • Dirk Smith

            Obama has been over his head from day one. He’s about as clueless as Yanukovych. Obama couldn’t install a light bulb. Turn off RT once in awhile and think. The truth will indeed set you free. 😉

  • Dirk Smith

    When in Rome……

    • Amoun

      True, US did visit you guys didn’t it.

  • Svarun

    They should only replace Hitler’s portrait with Putler’s one; the rest would be substantially correct (except few technical details of course)

    • Amoun

      Wow, euromaidan sure does like to filter their comments eh. Deleting anything anti-UA and then has the nerve to downtalk to Russia

      • Dirk Smith

        Not to mention the caskets returning to third-world Russia.

        • Amoun

          I don’t believe that has anything to do with my post?

          Also, it is a A casket, not caskets. The casketS (multiple) is according to Ukrainian RNBO…….and let’s be realistic, it is ran by questionable people with veeeeeeeeeeery questionable reports. Hell, according to their reports, Russia has over 2500 tanks now in Ukraine, which is more than what NATO has in whole of EU. Whats most interesting, is that we still have no proof of anything Russia related and UN and OSCE both confirmed there are no Russian troops/weapons or funds being moved across the border.

          So, sorry, but no.

          • Dirk Smith

            Over 2000 now and counting. Unfortunately, most of the dead muscovites were told they going on a training mission; now they’re dead. Putin’s reign of ineptitude will start ending early next year, when the muscovites wake up from their cigarettes, RT propaganda, and vodka and decide they can actually live a better life. Maidan Moscow in the spring.

          • Amoun

            According to…OH! That’s right, the UA government. Feel free to dismiss it. If you have any self-respect, you will.
            P.S. I will send you $10 if you can post something without defaming another country (it will be hard, I know, but please try. We all have to grow up some time)

          • Dirk Smith

            Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia, and now Ukraine. You support a society that has openly attacked smaller and less-equipped countries for 75 years for no apparent reason. The only one “defaming” countries are the subhuman muscovites. Think about that. It appears George S. Patton was right.

          • Amoun

            You….really do not read much history, do you?

            Here I will give you an example

            Party A agitates party B

            Party A continues to instigate conflict

            Party B responds

            Result: Party B is the aggressor which attacked a country?

            Interesting logic…..

            “The only one “defaming” countries are the subhuman muscovites.” Did you end up looking up irony? Do you even read the cr p you write or at least skim through it? Come on, that’s no way to represent the right-sector.