Russia may consider “preemptive nuclear strike” on the US



2014/09/03 • News

The new version of Russia’s military doctrine may add the conditions for a “preemptive nuclear strike” on the United States, said Army General Yuri Yakubov, coordinator for the Inspector General’s office of the Russian Ministry of Defense, reports Ukrainska Pravda, September 3, citing Interfax.

Yakubov announced that the new doctrine needs to determine the country’s main enemy. “This strategic document for the country must first of all clearly designate the potential enemy of Russia. In my view, our main enemy is the USA and the North Atlantic bloc,” he said.

The general noted that several years ago the leadership of the United States and NATO at all levels stated that they were not enemies of Russia. However, he believes they have now deployed a “real informational war against Russia” that  “purposefully presents” it as the enemy of the West with far-reaching goals.

Yakubov called for the development of “forms and methods of aerospace defense in close cooperation with the strategic nuclear deterrent forces. It is necessary to work out the conditions under which Russia may launch a preemptive strike using Russian strategic nuclear forces,” he said.

As previously reported, Russia had decided to adjust its military doctrine to take account of new factors, including the events of the “Arab Spring” and the war in Ukraine. These “adjustments” are to be ready by the end of the year.

The Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Mikhail Popov stated that “all evidence suggests” that the leadership of the US and NATO are continuing to escalate tensions with Russia by “using extremist groups, private military companies and demonstrators to achieve their goals.”

According to Popov, Russia will continue to view the possible expansion of NATO as a threat.

At the same time, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in a conversations with the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on Friday, August 29, warned that Russia could conquer Kyiv in a matter of two weeks.

Sources: pravda, pravda, translated by Anna Mostovych


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  • George

    Blackmail ceasefire? Russia Has Threatened a tactical Nuclear Attack on Ukraine, Says Ukraine Defence Minister

  • Rods

    Winning a war and winning the peace are two different things as Russia found to its cost in Afghanistan and will find in Ukraine.

    If Putin needs to use nukes to save his own life and position of President I no doubt he will. It is in the interests of the west to produce and install ABM systems covering all major population centres as fast as possible, while also finding alternatives to Russian oil and gas. Yes, it will be expensive, but not as large as the cost of being under the Nuclear thumb of the Godfather of a Mafia, gangster, terrorist, nuclear armed state.

  • steve34609

    Putin is burning an awful lot of roubles on developing and testing nuke delivery systems that will never be used. We learned that lesson from the previous cold war. To actually USE them is national suicide. A pre-emptive strike suggests that NATO would unilaterally move on Russia without provocation. It would not. if anything, this recent standoff between Russia ad NATO has proven that. Russia has shredded the Budapest Memorandum and the NATO Founding Act with its’ covert, unacknowledged military actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Therefore,NATO would be justified in making the first move on Russia. Don’t ever forget: we’re dealing with novices. The west wrote the books on the subjects of game theory and capitalism. We are, in fact, old hands at both. Watch and learn. Be patient. But don’t be alarmist. Putin’s not going to do anything with his nukes except modernize them, maintain them and masturbate over them.

    • tga999

      It’s unfortunate that some people in the west see Putin’s schoolyard bully tactics as a sign of strength and tactical genius. It’s only marginally more sophisticated than a schoolkid who steals someone’s lunch money and lies to the principal about it.

      • Arctic_Slicer

        “No principle I didn’t steal his lunch money; someone else did it. I just happened to end up with it.”

  • Milton Devonair

    Good, patriotic Germans tried to stop the madman hitler as hitler drove his country and most of the world to destruction.
    There needs to be Good Russians that will stop putin before he destroys europe, russian, and most of the world.

  • Murf

    Woo hoo! The Cold War part 2 is on!
    Now we do not have to pretend we like them anymore.

  • sandy miller

    These people are truly insane! What are they thinking? They are delusional …they really need mental help…they keep twisting things…no one threatened them and they know it. This is their hurt pride because all the ex-soviet countries wanted to go independent. they’re willing to kill themselves as well as others and for what? I hope the Russian people will wake up and realize they have manics running their country and get rid of them.. I pray that they come to their so no more people have to die in Ukraine.senses and stop this crazy making.

  • Jim Schreiber

    It’s as if Putin wasn’t around when Mutually Assured Destruction as a policy of NATO and the US was in force. It didn’t end when the Soviet Union dissolved. It won’t ever dissolve as long as there are other nuclear arsenals out there.

    Russian generals are saying this and actually intend to carry it out? The General Staff of the Red Army? Some think tank that submits white papers? Putin himself? Doesn’t matter. If this is true, then Russia is rapidly becoming a rogue state whose national defense policy is so insane and so dangerous that they must be destroyed by all nations of the world. Here is a country that could indeed trigger Armageddon without real provocation. And here is a sovereign state that will use nuclear weapons as blackmail in order to force it’s political aims on others by conventional and unconventional military force.

    • Arctic_Slicer

      I actually don’t think Putin is that crazy; it’s more saber rattling than an actual threat.

  • Arctic_Slicer

    If Russia decided to attack another nation with a nuclear weapon then the entire Russian mythology would be discredited as they could no longer say that “only the USA was evil enough to attack a nation with nuclear weapons”. It would also bring about so much international scorn onto Russia that not even China would want to do business with them since China isn’t going to tolerate a Russian Federation that uses nuclear weapons against It’s neighbors.

    • Jim Schreiber

      That’s not exactly a fair comparison. You can not say that only the USA was evil enough to attack a nation with nuclear weapons. When the two bombs were dropped in Japan, the US was the ONLY nation to have them, and you can definitely say that Japan capitulated and surrendered directly because of them. That means that the Chinese were finally free of them and many other nations were free of them and their occupation and that was a VERY good thing, seeing as how the Japanese were less than nice to the nations it occupied.

      This is the modern era, though, and nations like the US have very strict usage policies that no president will ever touch. And it’s quite simple. Don’t ever use a single nuke against us or any ally of ours, or the response will be utter annihilation of your nation with every single weapon in the US arsenal. Most of the NATO nations follow the same policies for the sake of a uniform policy which is, by the way, the best policy. This also means that the idiot Putin’s fever dream and pointless threat of using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukrainian military formations is no different than a full on thermonuclear device launched from a ballistic missile submarine or the Rocket Force silo network. A nuke is a nuke is a nuke. That will guarantee the same response from NATO.

      So, by the policy and ethics of the West, Mutually Assured Destruction is the safest and best policy for everyone, including those nations who do not have nuclear weapons. It’s one of the dumbest things you can own because you cannot ever use one. If you do, your nation will cease to exist. Even in defense, you cannot ever use one, or your nation will cease to exist. You cannot defend yourself by committing suicide.

      • Arctic_Slicer

        I had the “only the USA is evil enough to use a nuclear weapon” in quotes. That’s because I was pointing out that was how nuclear weapons have been portrayed by RT and other Russian media outlets; it’s part of the Russian mythology.

  • Linda Eckert

    USA needs to bring our troops home and take care of US defense and leave Russia alone. It would surely be naive to believe Russia would not feel threatened with US provoking yet another war in Ukraine. USA pays demonstrators and crisis actors world wide while our presstitutes spread warmongering propaganda .. and from the comments so far .. people in the USA are still far too interested in dancing with the stars and NFL to pay enough attention to anything else .. much less their own country being overrun by “immigrants/refugees” from the south. Russia has shown tremendous restraint IMHO. Do not think Americans would feel so comfy if Russia had bases and forces so close to the American boarders. .. All these damn wars has collected millions of refugees who are moved into the inner cities and put on welfare .. and more are coming. Time to stop all these damn wars and let people live in peace in their own countries and support themselves with their own natural resources by making these large corporations pay a reasonable price so they can support themselves. WAR is a Racket and anyone who does not see through the subterfuge is part of the problem. US/West has used false flags for far too long and seems like too many are still buying what MSM has for sale …MORE WAR. The War on Drugs is a war against Humanity and has resulted in soliciting, arming, training and funding Rebels (terrorists) in any country that has something the Banksters/Corporations want .. When they could likely just pay a reasonable price for what they want .. but then the MIC would be put out of business and we just can not have that :( Boo Hiss

    • Jim Schreiber

      That was the attitude of many people in the US leading up to the second world war. They were stupid. The modern world has proven that you don’t defend your nation by sitting on your keister. You defend it by showing that you have the means, capability and political will to use force. 9-11 proved that we have enemies. Now Russia is proving we have enemies. ISIS is proving that we still have enemies. The notion that these people cannot reach an open society such as the US is ludicrous. This is not 1776. The Tea Party, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and their ilk have been peddling this conspiracy garbage you were filling your post with for quite some time now and none of it has come even remotely true.

      The world truly is a global village now. You can’t hide your head in the sand any longer. Engaging the world is what you must do. The US still has reason to puff up its feathers. We are basically a great nation who does good most of the time. We had about 100 years of really patchy behavior but it’s like anything else in politics and diplomacy. All of this nonsense you spout about MSM, war rackets and the irrational fear of immigrants just shows me that you’re not really serious.