Russian soldiers kill medics and wounded in Starobesheve



2014/08/31 • News

In Starobesheve (Donetsk Oblast) Russian troops shot and killed 50 wounded Ukrainian soldiers as well as the entire medical staff, reported Presa Ukrainy (, August 28.

Russian soldiers with Russian insignia on their uniforms and tanks entered Srarobesheve on August 27.

Before entering the city they shelled it for two solid hours with the Grad multiple rocket system. The Ukrainian army was not there at the time since it was involved in a battle with Russian tanks on the outskirts of the city, the news source reported, as cited by

In the Starobesheve hospital the Russian military discovered about fifty wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian army who had not been evacuated previously due to their serious conditions. All the wounded, as well as the entire medical staff, including  nurses and medical assistants, were brutally killed.

“This offense was committed not by abstract terrorists but by Russian soldiers who came to Ukraine to destroy Ukrainians,” the news source concluded., translated by Anna Mostovych

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  • disqus60

    Is there any video or photo evidence, witnesses, anything that can be provided as proof.. this is a war crime that should not be dismissed

  • Jacks Channel

    If this is true, and I don’t believe it yet, I say its time to give Ukraine the weapons they want so they can utterly destroy the Russian army. Time to end Putin once and for all.

    Glory to the Heros. Fight and win.

    • Donald Casavant

      I think that you are correct to wait for confirmation! There have be many items that were posted on this site that were never mentioned by any other news source. That tells me something about the reliability of the sources they use.

    • Svarun

      I’ll wait for confirmation as well.

      Such kind of crimes seem impossible to a common European, unfortunately I know happened in Chechnya, Georgia and even before in Bosnia – where Russian “volunteers” along with Serbian para-militias were exterminating whole towns.

  • jack dunster

    Well Putin, another war-crime.. well Merkel, well Obama, since you are not helping, you are responsible too – and their blood is on your hands…

  • Paragordius Obamai

    oh… these were the Russians on vacation. Wait until they really get back to work.

  • rab_bojii

    Any proofs, maybe video or photo?

    • T.

      of course not :)

  • Murf

    I remember how much Putin railed against UA for shelling cities and killing civilians. Particularly Russians
    Seems he got over that pretty damn quickly. A week into this and they blasting towns with impunity. Bear in mind this Donetsk. most of the population is are the very people he is supposed to be protecting for “oppression”
    So much for the loving embrace of “Mother Russia.”

  • Michael Bubna

    Does Germany, France & the EU not remember what it was like to be occupied & terrorized by a foreign invader? I guess the Euro is more important than honour, liberty, fraternity & equality. The limited sanctions imposed on Putin & Russia are laughable, and that’s exactly what Putin is doing. If NATO can provide the Kurds with arms & support to defeat ISIS, why won’t Obama & the US, along with Merkel & the rest of the EU not provide military arms for Ukraine to defend itself, thus abandoning them. Ukraine’s sons & daughters are risking their lives to defend their democratic rights & liberty – all they need are the modern military arms to do it with. If the US, the EU & NATO don’t help at this crucial time, they will be perceived as nothing but traitors and hypocrites to democracy – another Chamberlain, declaring “peace in our time”!!

    • ronnie

      he’s laughing so hard he is peeing his pants. Oslama should step down he is not fit to govern a country like America

  • Michael Bubna

    In its entire history – from the Czars, through the Communist era, and now with Putin & his cabal – all Russia has been known for is its lack of democratic principals & rights, its uncommon intolerance, cruelty & repression towards its own people & its neighbours, and its naked paranoia and aggression against anyone who would disagree or oppose it. Nothing has changed! NATO & the EU should take a page out of Putin’s playbook – invite NATO military personnel (along with their equipment – tanks, artillery, etc.) to take their vacations in Eastern Ukraine, then deny their existence!

  • hammermann

    It’s Afghanistan, Chechnia, SOviets/Russians were butchering entire towns- think 1.5 mil of 16 mil Afghans died, 4 million crippled, in Chechnia think 20-30% died. And these might be the hard-core killer veterans of those battles, or some of Kadyrov’s scum- the venal criminal animals that are willing to kill their own for Russia. But yeah, I’d need more proof- this would earn alot of Russians a slow knife to the belly.

    Uh oh- here’s some confirmation:
    Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn 29m
    Something fishy in Starobesheve.Ukr convoy agreed w/rebels to take wounded.Then firefight broke out in nearby village.
    —includes a pic of a line of 4 blue Soviet ambulances pulled alongside road.—