Kherson: Residents Kick Out “pro-Russian protesters”



2014/08/31 • News

Thirty people from Zaporizhya posing as pro-Russian residents of Kherson admit to receiving the money for the act.

The residents of Kherson disbanded the political rally organized by local pro-Russian oprganizations. They explained that the meeting is inviting another Donbass scenario in Kherson and Khersonska oblast – something to avoid.

The pro-Russian protesters gathered in the city center. They were carrying a variety of political posters, their topicas rtanging from war to increase in utility prices. According to TSN, once it became known that the meeting is organized by a local separatist poster face Serhiy Kirichenko, the opposing parties decided to pay a visit. Serhiy Kirtichenko is known in Kherson for his separatist sympathies; he also heads the local division of  russian organization “Concept of Civil Safety” (COB). COB is a fringe political organization, known for its conspirological world-view, antisemitism and aspirations to salvation through corporate stalinism.

Chanting “Shame!” and “Suitcase, Railstation, Russia!”, Kherson citizens dispersed the followers of “Russkiy Mir”. The Self-Defense took away the protester’s posters and banners and burned these visual aids. Kirichenko himself was beaten up and left for his home. Many pro-russian protesters escaped in their bus. The Self-defense of Kherson informed the activists and militia serving on Ciurupinsk blockpost about this bus. This allowed the militia to detain the “protesters”, who turned out to live in Zaporizhya. They admitted to receive compensation for taking part in the meeting posing as Russia-loving citizens.


translated by Anna Palagina

Source: Liga.Novosti



  • Danny Smith

    Are these protesters Ukrainian? if so what price did they sell their country and souls for?

    • Anna Palagina

      Some probably are. It is difficult to find out how many of them are (or not), because Ukraine does not keep track of people. You have to register with government only if you want money from it, like for being unemployed.

  • Arctic_Slicer

    It’s been obvious for a long time that separatism of any kind wont be tolerated in Kherson oblast. Putin’s dream of creating a land link to Crimea is impossible to achieve.

  • Murf

    Some how those tactics just don;t seem to resonate anymore do they?

  • fkebede

    Ukraine is really failing as a state, I mean ,, if half the country is Russo-phobic and half the country is Euro-phobic, then the state policy of that country should follow a politics that will reconcile this two opposing parts, not a policy that will create a civil war between them. Because when favoring one part they would be offending the other. All of this madness wouldn’t be happening today, if the authorities who came to power in March, followed a politics that would satisfy both parts of that country, and that is, keeping Ukraine’s relationship with Russia, and building a relationship with Europe, and keeping away from any military or political cooperation with either the West or Russia, that is aimed at hurting and outmaneuvering the other.

    Instead of following the advise of foreign powers on what to do, the authorities should have listened to the opinion of the people from all parts of Ukraine. When they decided to pursue Russo-phobic and Pro- Europe policy, they offended half the country that is fond of Russia, and that is the cause of this tragedy that we see in Ukraine today.

    In that regard the former president Yanukovich however corrupt he was as a person, was not politically divisive, and compered to the current authorities, he did not use violence to suppress descent and even chose sides. He didn’t ban or blame western powers for the Maidan protest, even when prominent western officials were publicly taking part and encouraging and even power brokering and choosing who should form the post Midan government. He didn’t send football hooligans to attack political demonstrations, he didn’t send the army to western Ukraine to take back control of the cities that were taken by protesters and para military’s,, he did not ban political parties, he did not stop western media broadcasting. So compered to what Ukraine has now he may be called an angel.

    • Danny Smith

      Their is no civil war in Ukraine only in east there is Russian mercenaries supplied by Putin who wants to recreate USSR 2.0 anyone who resists will be shot

      • fkebede

        Why are there no Russian mercenaries in western Ukraine, fighting to recreate the USSR?? why is it only the eastern parts of the country that are willing to receive supplies from Putin?? You are deluding your self,, you don’t have to be an expert in politics to work this out, any one with two eyes and ears can tell a significant portion of Ukraine feels strongly for Russia.

        • sandy miller

          fkebede….you’re deluding yourself. Majority of Ukrainians do not want to be part of Russia. Polls have been taken only 25% of the country wants to be part of Russia…That means 75% want to stay united with Ukraine. I think you need to give up this nonsense. If you’re Ukrainian you should be ashamed….I don’t care what your ethnic background is if you live in Ukraine you are Ukrainian. If you want to be Russian than move there.

          • fkebede

            I did not say they want to be Russian, but like you said if 25% of the population have good opinion of Russia, to the level of wishing to be Russian, and lets say maybe another 25% wants to maintain good relationship with Russia, why cant the authorities on power, follow a compromising and a “win – win” policy, that will bring political settlement and that will satisfy everyone , instead of choosing to peruse a narrow minded extremist politics, that is only pleasing and acceptable to one half of the country, and cause hurt and offence to the other half. you have to ask why is it that all of this people who once accepted Ukrainian identity, now hate being Ukrainian and want to be Russian all over sudden???

          • Mat

            25% is generous, its morel like 1%. A minority of the Donbas wants to, and if you look at the whole country that minority turns into a sliver of nothing.

        • Danny Smith

          You are a Russian Troll you get paid same as all the others to spread disinformation in internet, you think we all watch RT news?? we know very well what is going on mate, go and drink your Vodka and leave us in peace.

          There are no Russian mercenaries in Western Ukraine because Putin has no interest in Western Ukraine, plus they would soon get a kicking from the locals.

          Putin wants the East because of the coal and steel foundries and the weapons factories, same as when he stole Crimea that was for the gas and oil fields.

          This is nothing to do with ideology its to do with money.. Putin wants to deprive Ukraine of the chance to stand on its own in the world so he wants to take away the means to earn money for Ukraine.

          Putin cant get over the fact that no one wants to be in his customs union(USSR 2.0 ).. willingly

        • Mat

          because western ukraine doesnt border Russia. Look at a map, jeez.

    • Anna Palagina

      >>> Yanukovich … he did not use
      violence to suppress descent and even chose sides

      So, I take it the 100+ shot, kidnapped and tortured protesters were shot, kidnapped and tortured at the instigation of martians. You know, this is not even funny anymore.

      >>> he may be called an angeldo not overdo it. this is not what your FSB curator pays you for.

      • fkebede

        Being paid??? LoL,,, although I wouldn’t say no if the FSB or anyone else wants to pay me, LOL,,,money is money after all,,, any way I am sure you understand what I am saying, Yanukovich can be called corrupt, incompetent, selfish, etc,,,, but he did not do the things the current regime is doing to stay on power, maybe he would probably still be in power today if he did so.

        Lets see what points I used to make my Judgement,,,,

        Through out the time of the protest he kept constant talks and negotiations with the leaders of the Midan movement, he did not label them terrorists and declare war on them.

        He kept talking to the West even when western governments and officials were openly inciting and supporting the revolt against him, every one remembers Victoria Nuland’s phone conversation, Joe Bidens, John Mc Cains and other EU and US official visits to the protest site, the US embassy was serving as the political HQ for the whole movement , but Mr Yanukovich did not blame the west for fermenting the unrest and destabilizing the country and waging war on his country ,,

        he did not arm and create para-military groups to attack his opponents,

        he did not ban any political parties even those who are extremists in their views,

        and most importantly , he did not send the army to flatten the cities of Western Ukraine who had fallen to the protesters.

        so compered to what Ukraine has now,,according to common logic he can rightly be called an angel, I bet Ukrainians miss him now.

        • sandy miller

          You’d bet wrong. Ukrainian government had no choice in Donbas and luhanskt…Russian mercenaries took over those area’s…what else could they do. Let them stay there. Stop trying to rationalize what Putin has done by blaming Ukrainian government. No way is to blame for the situation in Ukraine except Putin and his regime and their filthy lying proganda. Putin invaded Ukraine and you know it.

          • fkebede

            You cant dismiss the entire populations of those areas of being mercenaries and Putins agents, why is it only in those areas ,why are western parts of Ukraine not experiencing pro Russian uprisings??after all Russian propaganda is available for all of Ukraine. You are trying hard to deny the fact that there is strong pro Russia opinion in those parts of Ukraine.

          • Matt Anthony Lewis

            According to Putin there were more ethnic Russians in those areas compared to everywhere else in Ukraine and “naturally the ethnic Russians wanted to be apart of Russia again.. ” according to the ethnic Russians… Apparently just going back to Russia didnt make them happy enough so now they have to take the country from the Ukrainians to please themselves..

          • fkebede

            Its arrogant to say they should leave their ancestral land and go to Russia, why cant Ukraine be a for all Ukrainians? This is typical of the arrogance that provoked this civil war in Ukraine. Sure Putin would love it if the whole world is pro Russian, but that doesn’t make the whole world have Pro Russian opinion and start Pro Russian uprising against their governments.

            This is not Obama’s fault, Putin’s fault or the EU’s fault, this is a political chaos that is created by Ukrainians, and their refusal to listen to each others opinions and come to a compromise. That is what divided Ukraine and started this civil war.

            I am sorry to say be no country ever had a healthy political atmosphere, after a nationalist uprising , most nationalist uprisings always end up provoking war , repression, and bloodshed. And I guess that is what Ukraine have right now. That is just the nature of extreme nationalism.

          • Danny Smith

            Ancestral Land.. really?
            if it was not for the fact that millions of Ukrainian were starved to death and hundreds of thousands forcibly removed from their home sent to Gulags.. then ethnic Russian moved into the homes they would not be there..

            these are the people you call ancestral, they live in the homes and land of the previous occupants like cuckoos and still expect to be treated specially.

            If they love mother Russia so much they can always go back to the family home.. where ever that is in Russia

          • Danny Smith

            And I still maintain you are a Troll.. another paid Vodka swilling Russian poster

    • ENo

      “When they decided to pursue Russo-phobic and Pro- Europe policy, they
      offended half the country that is fond of Russia, and that is the cause
      of this tragedy that we see in Ukraine today.”

      And the constant anti-Ukrainian propaganda that the Russian media, lead by Dmitry “Joseph Goebbels mk II” Kiselev, spread 24 hours a day to the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, had nothing to do with the tragedy?

      • fkebede

        Did you ask why Russian propaganda appeals to certain parts of the country only???

        • sandy miller

          If that’s all you’ve been fed you don’t know any better. Ukrainian government has failed in allowing Russian TV to dominate the area but if you wnt to be a democratic country you may make mistakes in this are. Putin had no problem lying and maligning Ukraine….You know it or maybe you’re a true believer in his lies.

          • fkebede

            All of Ukraine watch Russian TV or used to watch it before it was turned off by the new authorities, why is it then only those eastern and southern regions experiencing political dissent??

          • ENo

            Are you really asking this? Of course people who identify themselves as Russians are more prone to believe the Russian propaganda than the others. You wrote yourself: “they offended half the country that is fond of Russia”. Fond of Russia. There it is. Blood is thicker than water.

          • fkebede

            From how it looks, this people never had any problem with calling themselves a Ukrainian ,, until they are told that they disqualify on cultural and historical grounds, by the forces who came to power on March.

            If you are a father who has two sons, and if you just let one of them inherit and you disown the other one, would you be surprised, if that son you disowned from his inheritance, stopped calling you “daddy” ???

    • Donald Casavant

      Got to be troll!

    • Mat

      Half the country is not Russophobic, nor is half the country Europhobic. Most of the country wants good relations with Europe, like 70%, so that’s way more than half. Only a minority wants exclusive relations with Russia.

    • Mat

      “He didn’t send football hooligans to attack political demonstrations”

      Yes he did. Google “titushky”

  • Mazepa

    Putin IS a walking dead man.